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16 AUGUST 2017
Our friend Russ Aitken from the Clontarf Foundation invited two Manly Rotary Club members to the Ross Kelly Cup Dinner in appreciation of our contributions to the Clontarf Foundation.
What an inspiration it was for Norm Thomson and Susie Morgan to be in the company of over 350 boys from Clontarf Academy locations throughout NSW from Moree in the north to Wagga Wagga in the south. The students were from years nine and ten and had travelled that morning to attend the dinner in North Sydney. We were privileged to be seated at a table with six young men from Dubbo all of whom introduced themselves to us and thanked us for coming to their special evening. They were so excited about the following day that was to be a round robin rugby league competition between all the schools, taking place at Riverview College. Our table of boys from Dubbo thought they had a good chance of winning, especially as one young man stood 6ft 2” tall and 102kg at 13 years old!
Stan Grant a well known journalist was one of the guest speakers and was given rapt attention from the students. He reminded the boys that while only 7% of Australians are of Aboriginal heritage 14% of all professional sportsmen are indigenous to Australia. He encouraged the boys to continue with their education and to be proud of their achievements even under sometimes difficult circumstances.
Three alumni were then interviewed by a well known sports commentator about their stories of success (two of whom are professional league players). Again there was silence in the auditorium when listening to these men relate their stories about how they were encouraged as Clontarf Academy students and how much they appreciated their involvement with Clontarf. Three of countless achievements of previous students. At evening's end, famous sportsmen addressed the audience via video, wishing the boys every success in the future, and encouraging them to continue with their endeavours.
There are now 92 Clontarf academies throughout Australia, with over 6000 boys enrolled. The Foundation started 18 years ago with 40 students. What a success story.
Finally we heard from Russ that the combined Oxley (Tamworth)/Quirindi team won the footy, beating Endeavour in a thrilling game.
A tribute from her fellow Charter Member Stephen Russell, 14 August 2017
Veronica was a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Manly Sunrise when it was chartered in August of 1995.  She was one of only 2 still serving members, including myself (Stephen Russell).  She has been especially active in club projects since that time. She was Club President first in 1999-2000, then again Joint Club President in 2013-14, in the year that Manly Sunrise merged with the original Rotary Club of Manly.  She was Assistant District Governor in 2004-05 for City North Zone and 2006-07, then again in 2010-2011 for the Beaches Zone. She instigated and organised a Combined Charity District Dinner in 2011, then again in 2012 and 2013.  She was a Rotary Club of Manly Sunrise Board Director continuously from 1997 until 2015 when she stepped down due to ill health. 
She was a member of the famous Trivia Night Committee over many years. 
Veronica was the first female Rotarian to lead a Group Study exchange overseas, in her case in 2002 to Devon, England.  This involved leading a team of four young Australian professionals for two weeks, then hosting the British team in Australia.  She was also a counselor and host family to two Rotary Youth exchange students, one each from France and Italy, and hosted another from Canada.
Who can forget when she organised Operation Uplift, the collection of hundreds of used bras to be sent to women in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, along with an equal donation of new bras from manufacturers. She was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow in August of 2001, named after the founder of Rotary, and of course, the highest award possible for a Rotarian. 
But those achievements are probably not what Veronica would have wished me to speak about.  She would have wanted me to tell all those who did not know her Rotary life, just how much life she actually breathed into each Rotarian she came into contact with.  If she was not the beating heart of our Club, she was pretty close to it. 
Some people at Rotary are called knife and forkers …they just go to the occasional dinner.  Veronica was certainly not one of those.
She was hands up …and hands on.  Service above Self, our Rotary motto, was probably designed with her in mind.
Veronica, thank you for all your service, your friendship to each of us and your devotion to making this world a better place.
Guest Speaker - Mark Anderson
An amazing presentation from the Rotary Foundation executive.  Mark started his Rotary life through Interact, Rotoract and his local club to his current position within the Rotary organisation.  Mark’s presentation explained Rotary Foundation’s work nationally and internationally and provided facts and figures that most members were not aware of.  He explained how to maximise the funding for grants and gave examples of many successful projects.  It was clear that those present were so much better informed after Mark had demonstrated how we must use the Foundation.  He also emphasised the need to prioritise the Foundation as our preferred charity and the benefits that flow all way down to our Club from this.
The Presidents summarised that we need to maximise Mark’s advice and the need to engage with other clubs within our District.  They thanked Mark for his wonderful speech.
Susie M. announced further development and correspondence with the recommended suppliers of the “ZAPSTAND” Defibrillator Public System, and with confirmation from John S. on available club funds, Board Member approval of the potential project, that the club proceed to work with council on the project.  It is agreed that as there are no current club projects for consideration and the health benefits provided by the units on the Corso, this opportunity to promote our Rotary brand in a prominent position adds up to a worthwhile initiative.
Susie M said we have missed the deadline for State Government Community Building Partnerships funding this year and also Rotary District Grants for this year but should proceed to work with council as quickly as possible.
Duncan was contacted by President Susie M as a result of an article of his that appeared in the Manly Daily on “Defibulators”.  It was a long talk that covered Duncan’s military career in the UK and his move to Australia.  His many achievements, some colorful, are almost too long to appear in this newsletter.  With his current role as a Paramedic with NSW Ambulance and experience with Defibulators, it was appropriate to ask him to address the club on possible involvement, funding and placement of the units on the Manly Corso.  He indicated that the Northern Beaches Council are fully supporting this and most members present saw the potential to provide a public good, but just as important an opportunity to have our Rotary brand visible on a local community project on one of Sydney’s most high profile strips.  He had as a demonstration unit one that he recommends for use and the cost was in the range of $2500 with council involved in the maintenance possible.  If any of the members were going to suffer heart failure, it would have been a perfect time to do so, thankfully this was not the case.
2017 Changeover Dinner
Please join us for our annual Changeover dinner. Partners and families welcome!
Date: Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Time: 6.30p for a 7p start
Location: Balgowlah RSL
Cost: $50 per person
RSVP : George McLelland via our website by July 11 2017
Registration fees are being kindly accepted in person by George McLelland, or alternatively you may bsb the fee directly to the Club's account.


Guest Speaker, Graham Kinder


Graham has been a volunteer all his life and named Rotary as a significant influence in his decision to serve others. He grew up in a Rotary family. Graham spoke to the club today about his role in the SES NSW. This organisation is “the combat agency for flood, storm and tsunami.” It is made up entirely of volunteers and has 8,000 members across the state.

Graham explained the pivotal role the SES has in managing disasters by describing the impact of cyclone Debbie on the Northern Rivers area. Not only SES volunteers from across the state were recruited but many RFS volunteers also assisted in the rescue and aftermath of the extensive flooding.

Graham also demonstrated the use of the defibrillator and stressed how important it is that all members of the community are confident to use it in first aid emergencies.

Graham requested our assistance in his application for a RESCA (Rotary Emergency Services Community Award). Such an acknowledgement recognises, not only the commitment and skills of an individual, but also the vital role emergency services play in keeping our communities safe and functioning. We wish Graham the very best in pursuit of this award.

Guest Speaker: Keri Crittenden (Co-Founder So They Can)

So They Can works together withcommunities and their governments in Kenya and Tanzania to educate and empower, to break the poverty cycle, help local communities realise their own potential and meet their own needs especially through education.

Keri gave a very inspiring talk about the work she and her partner (Cass) have done with So They Can. In 2009 they signed an MOU with the Kenyan Government to build a school. The school (Aburdane Ranges) serves children of Internally Displaced People (IDP). This community was large and was due to post election violence in 2007. Currently the school has 1080 students. Truly remarkable what Keri and Cass have done. They have also expanded to develop a community called Miti Mingi Village to home (with a house mother!) orphaned children at the Kakuru Dump site. There were 120 children at the dump that now have homes. They are also heading up a women’s business school. Keri and So They Can have clearly
made a deep lasting impact. 
For more info, please visit:


Lynne Shori returned to us this week with an always interesting report on the village toilet progress (phase one) in three communities.

Lynne’s presence in PNG has a number of purposes, the most practical being to inspect the toilet blocks constructed in the communities of Popeu, Loamat and Bundrou. Each community has decorated its block with available materials-rubber thongs and plastic bags being utilised liberally. Lynne provided colourful, effective signage with education/rules for toilet usage to complement existing efforts of communication. She made the point that this interest in the toilet blocks was a sure sign that ownership of these facilities was underway. Lynne indicated that the varying percentages of toilet use in these communities (Bundrou 30% and Loamat 50%) reveal cultural and practical issues at play. For instance the physical distance of the toilet from the homes and women disagreement over issues other than toilets discouraged some community participation.

Lynne has achieved success in getting all 9 ward leaders to commit to an expansion of the toilet project to Nauna, Tong and Pak islands. Happily, the close-knit nature of Papua New Guineans, whereby kinship ties extend far beyond immediate communities, makes this expansion a family matter of mutual responsibility. Phase Two seems imminent. The Boroko Rotary club are keen to support the project after Lynne’s persuasive presentations.

A particular highlight for Lynne was harnessing the support of the LLG President, Patrick Palek, who is keen to “champion the cause to have RAPATONA become the first 100% ODF LLG in Manus”.

Lynne’s generous work here is of inspiration to other Manly Rotarians and we are thankful for her articulate and quietly passionate approach to this project. We particularly enjoy the ongoing education about PNG’s people and customs.



Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk 2017
This year the Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk completed its 8th year as our major fundraising event which allows us to help charities in our local community and overseas.
Through the Fun Run we have raised over $1.1m. Our Fun Run is now our major annual club activity and provides members with opportunities for fellowship whilst raising funds. 
This year the funds raised will go towards completing stage two of the Rambutso Sanitation Project in PNG. Funds from last year allowed us to successfully complete a Pilot for the project
President Richard has also applied for a Rotary Global Grant, to fund stage two of the sanitation project.
Money raised this year from our fun run will also fund the final year of our PhD Scholarship and other local community charities.
This year’s Manly Rotary Fun and Walk again proved to be a wonderful event.
Our members are amazing in what they do. Our volunteers again gave selflessly and tirelessly to ensure the day was a success.

In an historic first for the club (we think!) Manly Rotary inducted Ty Stokoe, Sherry Midgley, Daniel Boothman and Robyn Waters as our newest Rotarians. President Richard gave a brief history of the club and explained that our newest members were now “bonded together with “people of goodwill”and he encouraged them to participate in serving the local, national and international community. 

Assistant District Governor Warren McGurgan also spoke, referring to the vibrancy of Manly Rotary.

Each new member indicated a willingness to serve and be part of a greater community.

Peter Ward was inducted into Manly Rotary as the “World’s Newest Rotarian” and Richard explained the many benefits and rewards of membership of the world wide Rotary organization.  The only difficulty for Richard was getting the pin from the kit, but he duly pinned it on and welcomed Peter to our club.  It was great to have Peter’s wife, Susie, present and some senior members were heard to be quietly soliciting for another husband and wife team.
Peter spoke of his family members that were involved in Rotary and their experiences had prompted him to become involved in the community given his recent retirement.
Please join us for our annual Changeover dinner. Partners and families welcome!
Date: Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Time: 6.30p for a 7p start
Location: Balgowlah RSL
Cost: $50 per person
Registration fees are being kindly accepted in person by George McLelland, or alternatively you may bsb the fee directly to the Club's account.
The Club was informed this morning of the passing of one of its beloved members, Terry Kennedy.  A very sad moment for those members who have enjoyed Terry’s wonderful wit and time as a devout and hard working Rotarian.  To aspiring newer members a role model and legend of the club.  President Richard called for a moments silence in respect of Terry.
GUEST SPEAKER Cathy Webber – “Epilepsy Vision”
Richard introduced Cathy and Maggie confirmed her involvement in EV.  Cathie had distributed literature for all members to study and proceeded to tell her story as a sufferer and the trauma she endured as a young person, at school, college, workforce, as a wife and mother.  Her power point presentation was informative and the fact that 3% of Australian’s suffer, and that number is growing, enforced the importance of another charity that needs support for the good work it does.  She works as a volunteer for the organization.  She also mentioned that she grew up in a house where her father was a 35 year veteran of Rotary and a Paul Harris recipient.
We were treated to a wonderful and informative  ANZAC presentation from Historian/Treasurer John Shanahan on the military history of his family and of Bomber Command in WW2 and the horrific loss of life rendered on society.  The Lancaster bomber stories were graphic and the historic audio recording quite amazing.  A fabulous production…look out Steven Spielberg!!
Peter Summers spoke after this and confirmed that some of our best speakers have come from within the club and John’s presentation confirmed this.
21st MAY 2017
8am START 
Guest Speakers:
Tahina and Sophie spoke of the “The Grass Skirt Project” founded by Tahina. This project developed from Tahina’s experiences in PNG through her chosen athletic field of Weight Lifting and discovering the lack of sporting equipment and clothing for the young native kids in PNG to be able to participate in a similar way to those on mainland Australia, and also raising awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as building self esteem in young girls.  Knowing through her own sporting development the importance of participation and peer/role models she developed the idea along with advice from her friend and fellow supporter, Dr Sophie,  a project that is exciting and as a result is supported by a large number of sporting organisations in Australia.  The presentation was first class and the enthusiasm of presenters was shared by members of the club.  Vivien gave us an example of an earlier initiative by Manly Rotary of supplying sports bras for underprivileged young people, which she described as a “very uplifting experience”!
A handy infographic created by the Rotary Club of Mosman, and approved for our use and republication:
Click to see the full list on Rotary Club of Mosman's website.
Members are strongly encouraged to sign up for the grants writing workshop being held at Narrabeen Coastal Environment Centre.
This skill will be particularly useful, as John Shanahan is looking for assistance with grants writing.
  • President Richard inducted the world’s newest Rotarian, James Okkerse. James has a background in finance and is the MD of Money Doesn’t Sleep. He lives in Manly with his wife and 9month old son. James was warmly welcomed by all members
Guest speaker today was Marianne Dalton, a previous member and past president of Manly Sunrise. Marianne spoke to us about her charity Vets Beyond Borders, which since 2003 has been providing veterinary based animal welfare and public health programs in Australia and overseas.
They have been doing a lot of work in for example India to alleviate the problem with rabies by vaccinating and de-sexing dogs, and also many disaster relief programs in Australia to help wild and domestic animals.
21st May 2017 - Registrations are now open
The Rotary Club of Manly is proud to announce that Registrations for their annual Fun Run, The Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk are now open.
Take advantage of the early bird entry fees and help us make this the best Fun Run.
Thank you to everyone who helped hand out flyers on Sunday the 4th February 2017.
President Elects Training (PETS)
Saturday 1 April 2017
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Talavera Road, North Ryde
District Assembly
Sunday 23 April 2017
The Kings School
Pennant Hills Road, Parramatta
These events will begin with registrations at 8.30am and formal start at 9.00am, finishing at 4.30pm.
The training content will be informative and entertaining. It is a Rotary International requirement that each club is represented at PETS and District Assembly. If your club's President Elect cannot attend it is important that a representative from the club take their place.
More details will follow shortly.
Christine Owen
Training Chair
Good morning,
I am reaching out to Rotary Clubs on behalf of Barnardos Australia, the leading child protection agency, to request support for our flagship campaign Barnardos Mother of the Year.
The Barnardos Mother of the Year is the largest national awards showcasing the work of everyday mums in our community and the positive difference they make in the lives of children. For over 20 years we have been telling their stories and acknowledging the enormous contribution that they make each and every day. We would love for your support in sharing the call for nominations for the awards this year.
The nomination drive runs through to February 26th and it would be greatly appreciated if you could share the message across your communication platforms. We have produced posters to help promote the campaign and encourage nominations. We also have a link that includes all the tools you will need to help us promote the awards (
We would love for your support in spreading awareness about the awards this year in the form of putting up these posters. I would be more than happy to post some collateral to you if you are interested. Please feel free to advise suitable amounts and the best postal address. We thank you in advance for any support you are able to give for this truly special campaign. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require further information.
Kind regards,
Emma Rose, Barnardos
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