John and Maggie Shanahan's granddaughters have just returned from their school camp. They were asked for their thoughts on the camp.
Their younger granddaughter 8-year old Sarah, provided the following tips for campers. She thought they might give, particularly the female members, a bit of a giggle.
Please click below for these fantastic tips!
Sarah Baker’s top tips for surviving camp:
1. If you have lollies, make sure the teacher doesn’t help you pack or they might find them.
2. Don’t have too long showers or there will be no hot water
3. If you are partying, when you hear a teacher at the door pretend to be asleep in your sleeping bag.
4. Don’t stay up too late or get up too early or you will have a grumpy teacher and you will be too tired to do the activities next day
5. If your friend is tired, take care of them.