District Governor (DG) Gina addressed the club.
Gina has adopted a hectic schedule for her year as DG undertaking to visit each club in the District during her year. We are the sixty first club she has 
visited in the district which has a total of 74 clubs. Gina saw the value of club visits by the DG when she accompanied her husband, PDG Harold Sharp in his year as District Governor.
Gina spoke fondly of her association with Manly Sunrise and was particularly complementary of PP Terry Kennedy’s work with the club during his year as president. She spoke of this year’s Rotary theme “be a gift to the world” and it’s meaning to us all. In selecting this theme Ravi Ravindran, President Rotary 
International, is seeking to share with others the benefits and gifts Rotary has given its members. Ravi sees how these gifts have made us better people, who want to make a positive difference to our world, he aims to encourage all Rotarians to go the extra mile to make the difference. 
Gina discussed the challenges facing Rotary clubs today especially the aging and dwindling membership. To maintain membership at current levels each club needs to induct 3 members per year. She suggested that clubs might benefit from bringing back the fundamentals that had shaped Rotary including bringing 
back the classification system and avenues of service. Gina suggested seeking a mix of members to cover a diverse range of interests and skills to build a vibrant membership. She noted that apart from finding new members' clubs need to look after existing members. There needs to be a renewed focus on 
retention by looking after the Rotary family.  She suggested clubs should consider mentoring or a buddy system to ensure all members are aware of what it means to be a Rotarian and to feel a sense of belonging. District 9685 is moving with the times.
Women comprise 24% of its membership but only 21% worldwide. Unfortunately District 9685 also inducted 259 new members but lost 269 last year! Gina encouraged members to contribute to the Rotary Foundation and introduced the Foundation “Piggy Bank” to the club as a means of encouraging regular small contributions by individual members to the Foundation. The coin banks will be distributed on PP Terry’s return. 
Gina encourages local clubs to work together on projects and fundraising ensuring clubs share their skills and capacity to enable all clubs to achieve their goals irrespective of size. She suggested joint projects and meetings to assist with the viability of smaller clubs. She noted that the overriding goal of all clubs 
needs to be to provide fellowship and enjoyment to members. 
Following Gina’s talk PDG Harold spoke on the 2016 District Conference. Harold is Conference Director next year. The conference will be held in Canberra from March 16-18. The program runs for one and a half days commencing with a dinner on Friday night, leaving time for sightseeing on Sunday afternoon.
Early bird bookings are open and will finish on November 30.