Daniel Hammond – for the last time as a visitor – and his mother.
New member induction by President
Immediately after opening the meeting, President Richard had the pleasure of inducting Daniel Hammond
(who was nominated by Ted Waters) as our club’s newest member. 
Other News
  • Although perhaps not the only reason for the large attendance, Jackie thanked everyone for the club’s wedding gift and circulated both champagne and muffins, both of which were gratefully consumed.
  • Ted Waters entered a plea for all members to become Centurians, not only because 100% of members was required in relation to gaining a club citation, but also to bring to an end Terry’s need to bring the matter to the club’s attention, yet again.
  • John Shanahan advised that all the required applications to various parties in relation to the 2017 Fun Run have been submitted.
  • Maggie asked that anyone with club photos from the past club activities be submitted to her so that a selection of photos can be screened at the dinner on 14 December.
  • Maggie’s call for someone who can mail merge was met by Lynne Shori, who has just learned to do so.
Speaker - Andrea Goddard, Stars Foundation
Lynne Shori introduced our speaker, Andrea Goddard, Executive Director of Stars Foundation.
We learned from Andrea that she had worked for eight years from 2005 for the Clontarf Foundation. That was in Clontarf’s early days, when it had 200 aboriginal boys, rather than the 3,000 it has today.
Because she knew that it was essential to “even out the playing field”, and there had to be a balanced investment in both aboriginal boys and girls, Andrea has started up the Stars Foundation, which mirrors Clontarf Foundation by providing guidance and mentoring for aboriginal girls.
Currently the Stars Foundation works only in the Northern Territory where they have 21 staff, though discussions are afoot about both Victoria and Queensland locations, and there is a desire to operate in NSW as well.
Stars Foundation’s work so far is at eight schools in NT and involves 400 girls. The budget is $7,000 per student, in addition to gifted office and administration and great pro bono support.
Andrea stressed the importance of having both male and female mentors, and the great need to keep raising the percentage of aboriginal girls completing their schooling and being assisted to transition from school to work.