President’s opening comments
  • Richard also asked Ron Delezio to introduce President Maria Moran of Cronulla Club, little Junitalia and her aunt Lita, who was accompanying Junitalia from East Timor, instead of Junitalia’s mother, who has TB.
Ron Delezio spoke about the good that is done by Rotary in the Pacific Region through Rotary Oceanic Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC), by selecting usually 45 children from the region each year who are in urgent need of medical treatment and bringing them to Australia to receive the treatment they require.
Two year old Junitalia had a hole in the heart and a torn aorta and for two years has survived on rice and water. Post the operations she spent 14 days in an Intensive Care Unit.  Now, with successful operations behind her, she can eat normally. Only 10 days out of the ICU, the two year old clearly demonstrated during the meeting that her rice and water days are behind her.
Ron praised the Children’s Hospital at Randwick. 
President Maria Moran also spoke about ROMAC’s work and about Juitalia’s journey in particular.
Although she is only a short time out of hospital she is already putting on weight and eating food for the first time.
Vivien Coulson conducted the sergeant’s sessionwith relish, full of energy after her overseas holiday.
George McLelland won the raffle.
Meeting closed at 8.00 am.