Assistant District Governor Warrren McGergen, Chris Lew, Sheree Lineham, David Hammond and Laura Gilmour from Hearing Australia.
Visiting Rotarian’s comments
Warren McGergen introduced Chris Lew as a former member of Rotaract. Chris informed the meeting that he wishes to set up a new Rotaract club, based at Dee Why, to be named Northern Beaches Rotaract. The club would meet and meet at Dee Why RSL on the 2nd and 4th Mondays in each month. The intention is to have the club chartered on 28 October 2016. Donations from Rotary clubs in the zone are sought to help the new club get started, with Northern Beaches Rotary said to be committed to donate $1,000 and Belrose considering making a $500 donation.
Members would be in the 18 to 30 years age group.
Warren also urged members of Manly Rotary to seek to be awarded a District citation by undertaking two of a number of projects that would qualify the club as a possible winner.
Guest Speaker
Laura Gilmour from Australian Hearing started by letting members know that in 2013 she had greatly enjoyed being on a RYLA course in 2013.
Laura’s Powerpoint presentation covered the subject of loss of hearing, the signs to look out for as one’s hearing deteriorates. Sixty per cent of sixty years olds are reckoned to be hard of hearing and seventy per cent by aged 70 years .
Fortunately technology powering hearing aids, devices for listening to TV, doorbells etc are all much better than even 10 years ago.  
Other News
Ted Waters started by complaining that he had been wlth only seven minutes to do his job, then proceeded to relish fleecing one and all in the sergeant’s session.
Vivien Coulson’s pain in the sergeant session was mitigated by gleefully winning the raffle.
Meeting closed 8am followed by coffee at Fusion Cafe