Thank You from Presidents Maggie and Enza 
A very big thank you to Vivien Coulson for all the hours needed to organize the renovation of the bench top and the cleaning of the kitchen at Mission Australia, Fairlight Street, Manly and for the long day that Vivien put in on Saturday.  Geoff worked tirelessly as a number of surprises kept coming his way, also to Steven a resident at Mission Australia who helped with the heavy lifting and a big thank you to everyone from our great club that helped: Jason Kioko, John Warren, David Park and Andrea Hogan.  It was a pleasure to be part of the team too. 
Nex week Vivien together with Geoff will be moving the bench top in the dinning area to the side of the room in order to  make the dinning area a larger and more spacious environment for the residents. Vivien will also be organising replacing the old and very worn lino in the kitchen and dinning room, this will give the kitchen and the dining room and very pleasant area for the residents to be able to cook and enjoy their meals in.