Guest speaker: Sam Crawford
Sam's company is  Online Consulting
Sam's was a most unexpected and enlightening talk about his journey through addiction to recovery, small businessman, husband and father. Sam described himself as a recovering addict and noted the opposite of addiction is connection. Sam came from a loving family although he had always had difficulty making friends. Sam only turned to drugs after he left school. He found drugs helped to make him feel more included.
He studied music following school, but he realised he was relying on drugs and alcohol. He noted his ability to contribute to society was fading at this time, however he didn't believe he was an alcoholic. He was diagnosed bipolar in 1998, the bipolar diagnosis enabled him to complete his music degree, it explained why he was feeling the way he was.
Sam entered rehab in 2007 and began to repair his life. 
Sam now employs staff in India and the Philipines, he also employs IT support  contractors. He has clients in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. He provides recycled computers to alcoholics who are recently out of rehabilitation. He provides IT assistance to Pioneer Clubhouse. His whole approach to life revolves around helping!
He now knows that he has to eat, sleep and exercise well and appropriately if he is to keep his bipolar under control.
Sam worked on our Fun Run and the Schizophrenia Fellowship Wellness Walk with Douglas. He is now very close to his parents speaking with them daily.
He is a father and he and his wife are expecting their second child.
Douglas Miller thanked Sam for coming and sharing his inspiring story.