Rotary Club of Manly received a mention in a Lowy Institute article published on 12 September 2016, regarding its support of the Friends of Rambutso (FoR) sanitation project!
Congrats to Rotarians and Lynne Shori (Rotarian and founder of FoR) for their excellent work and well-deserved accolades and attention! For more information please read below, and clock on the link:
It’s estimated that 2.4 billion people lack access to toilets. Poor sanitation in turn leads to poor health, with links to increases in the prevalence of waterborne diseases, such as cholera. Despite significant international funding allotted to PNG for water, sanitation and hygiene combined - through the global WASH initiative - in percentage terms fewer people in PNG today have access to sanitation than 20 years ago.
Friends of Rambutso, with support from Manly Rotary and its District, is seeking to bring an increased quality of sanitation and hygiene to the communities they work with, specifically by training the local communities to build sustainable composting toilets. The project believes that a faster roll-out of sanitation is possible when local communities are engaged and trained to solve the problem themselves. Roughly half of PNG’s population is under 25, and the project aims to engage this largely underutilized workforce in combination with the knowledge of local elders, who will be trained in community hygiene and the technicalities of composting toilets.