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12 November 2019
Editor Susie Morgan

Affirmation and Toast

We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary. Toast to Australia

Apologies:  Lynne Shori, Barbara Gardiner, David Brown, George McLelland, Ted Waters, Beverley Leahy, Norm Thomson, Robert Jones, John Warren, Evelyn Ciocco

Duties:  Desk – David Park; Notes - Susie Morgan; Sergeant-at-Arms - 

Welcome:  Cathy Booth - Umoja Orphanage, Kenya

Birthdays:  Happy Birthday Ginny for last week - 7 November

  • Cathy’s passion to give vulnerable children a second chance at life is inspirational. As a school-teacher, mother of four and grandmother of four Cathy has always been an advocate for helping children to reach their full potential. After a short visit to Kenya in 2010 Cathy returned to Australia determined to start her own charity to combat child abandonment and orphaned children.
  • In 2012 Cathy purchased 15 acres of land that contained one water hole, the rest being virgin bush. In 2016 after five years of fundraising in Australia and creating the required infrastructure in Kenya her dream of opening a self-sustainable children’s village in Ukunda Kenya was finally realized. The Umoja project is more than just a children’s home; It is a project that also helps the community. The support from Rotary and Rotarian volunteers has helped her team achieve the extraordinary at Umoja. Cathy mainly oversees the project from Australia, returning to Kenya twice a year to take Rotary volunteers to the project. All funds received are channeled through Rotary International, so they know that all the money ends up at the Orphanage, with strict guidelines for managing the funds including two monthly reports to RI regarding financials and the volunteer visits. Cathy has recently taken six months off from work to spend more time in Kenya and to tell the Umoja story along the way.
  • Local villagers are happy with what has transpired. The first group of seven volunteers went to Umoja in 2013 and started fencing the perimeter. They completed the work in five days. Cathy ensures that the local community is trained in all of the work that they do, so that they can continue with the work when she is back in Australia. In 2012 they built a caretaker’s cottage and water well and in 2017 they built the children’s playground. An 86 year old volunteer helped to buy the cattle for the farm. It took five yeas to raise money for the first house that has five bedrooms for the twelve children, eleven of whom go to school.
  • In 2018 they started building second children’s home (for 15 children) that is currently under construction with funds needed for its completion. They have a free first aid clinic for families who cannot afford to go to a doctor. They recently saved a little boy who had cerebral palsy and Cathy was able to donate a wheelchair for the child. 
  • Currently there are six acres under crop and a Safari Company that helps keep the home self-sustainable. There are chickens, dairy cattle, sheep and goats on the farm. (Tomatoes have been planted in the greenhouse our Club donated this year.) Native grasses are grown for the cattle and barley shoots as feed for the chicken. This year there have been problems with snakes eating the chickens, lambs and kid goats. This came about because of flooding that also washed away the majority of the crops. The home sells 200kilos of Kale and vegetables to the local Australian Mining Company each week (1400 staff), plus vegetables and 60 trays of 30 eggs. This helps pay for running costs of the home.
  • There are about two million orphaned children in Kenya, with no social security and much corruption, child trafficking and sexual abuse of orphaned children. The host Rotary club in Nairobi is willing to help if they can apply for a global grant for the projects that are in the pipeline (completion of the second home, a water harvesting plant, accommodation for staff and a training structure to start teaching local girls in sewing and computer skills.
  • Helpers for the stand would be greatly appreciated from 8.00am to 3.00pm. We have the fridge magnets to distribute this month and new posters for the Sanitation project in PNG (celebrating World Toilet Day).
  • 30 November at 10.00am.Volunteers this year include -  Four McKellar High School students, John Pack, David Park, Robert Jones, Barbara Gardiner, Susie Morgan and Matt Swan. Ginny Parker will come along and take some photographs for our social media.
  • This year the “Major Event” at Darling Harbour will be held over two days on 4 and 5 June. We have circulated details to Club members separately as they are asking us to help with volunteering as we have done over the last couple of years.
  • We have also been asked to contribute again this year to the four night camp for “troubled” students, from 13 to 17 January. This year the students will be staying at Chowder Bay.  The request for funding assistance will be raised as a proposal at the Board Meeting on 19 November.
  • This is being organized by Michael Regan (Mayor - NB Council) on 22 November starting at 7.00am from Queenscliff Surf Club to Manly the Corso.  Beverley, Susie and Ken will be participating and hope that some other members of our Club can come along too.
  • The raffle has so far raised $4000 and the goal is $13000.
  • Thank you to David Brown and John Pack for representing our Club at the services.
16/11/2019 Manly Village Public School stall - "World Toilet Day"
25/11/2019 Northern Beaches Cluster meeting DY RSL
01/12/2019 Belrose Rotary Club giant Christmas auction - Pittwater RSL 2.00pm
21/12/2019 Manly Village School Market Stall
January 2020
13-17/01/2020 Stand Tall Camp at Chowder Bay
28/01/2020 Northern Beaches Cluster meeting DY RSL
 07/02/2020 Farewell Tribute to Dave Darcy at ICMS - (Committee - Ted, Susie, Ginny, David Park) 
07/02/2020 RYPEN
24/02/2019 Northern Beaches Cluster meeting DY RSL
29/02/2020 DG's Project at Sydney Opera House to raise funds for Sarah Brown's Purple House
March 2020
20/03/2020 District Conference in Wollongong
30/03/2020 Northern Beaches Cluster meeting DY RSL
April 2020
28/04/2020 Northern Beaches Cluster meeting DY RSL
May 2020
25/05/2020 Northern Beaches Cluster meeting DY RSL
June 2020
4 & 5/06/2020 Stand Tall Event at Darling Harbour
29/06/2020 Northern Beaches Cluster meeting DY RSL
September 2020
06/09/2020 Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk
19/11/2019 Melanie Koeman and Winter Vincent - Surf School Day - Waves for Water (International) 
26/11/2019 Assembly
03/12/2019 Shannon Chin from Fit Minds Australia (a mustn't miss about how to keep an active mind or how to get one!)
17/12/2019 Assembly
24/12/2019 Break
RAFFLE: Susie Morgan
NEXT MEETING: 19 November 2019 Royal Far West  Boardroom
KEY ACTIVITY/GUEST SPEAKER: Melanie Koeman - Waves for Water and Winter Vincent - Surf to School Day
Thank you Club members present for your contributions.
NEXT WEEK DUTIES Desk - Evelyn Ciocco;  Notes - Susie Morgan, Sergeant - David Park
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