Rotary Club of Manly International Report  -  2017
As International representative, I have been mainly in a support role to Lynne Shori. I met Lynne shortly after joining Rotary and am very impressed (as we all are!) by her work in PNG, focused now on the sanitation project on the  island of Rambutso. Our club supported a pilot project (Rotary Club of Manly Village Sanitation Pilot, Manus PNG) and Lynne produced excellent outcomes. As a result, a Global Grant was sought to move into the second phase.   Excitingly, Lynne reported on Wednesday, June 13th that Rotary Global Grant GG1752750: Application was approved! At the Breakfast meeting on June 20th, John Shanahan provided the numbers for us. Rotary International has approved a global grant of USD $42,154 for the Rambutso sanitation project.  This is AUD $56,907.90. Rotary Club of Manly has committed a further $20,000. $10,000 is an existing commitment and $10,000 will come from the 2017 Fun Run. 
A/Prof Tracy Rushmer
For Rotary Club of Manly