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If you are interested in finding out more about what we are doing, why not join us for tea/coffee?
We're early risers, meeting each Tuesday morning between 6.30am - 8.00am at 18 Wentworth Street, Manly at the Royal Far West Building.
Most weeks there is a speaker covering a fascinating topic related to Rotary or the local community; and we plan, organise and review progress of community support projects.
So why not give us a call on 0427850479?
Tea/coffee is on us!
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Manly Rotary Club - August 8, 2017

Guest Speaker - Mark Anderson
An amazing presentation from the Rotary Foundation executive.  Mark started his Rotary life through Interact, Rotoract and his local club to his current position within the Rotary organisation.  Mark’s presentation explained Rotary Foundation’s work nationally and internationally and provided facts and figures that most members were not aware of.  He explained how to maximise the funding for grants and gave examples of many successful projects.  It was clear that those present were so much better informed after Mark had demonstrated how we must use the Foundation.  He also emphasised the need to prioritise the Foundation as our preferred charity and the benefits that flow all way down to our Club from this.
The Presidents summarised that we need to maximise Mark’s advice and the need to engage with other clubs within our District.  They thanked Mark for his wonderful speech.
Susie M. announced further development and correspondence with the recommended suppliers of the “ZAPSTAND” Defibrillator Public System, and with confirmation from John S. on available club funds, Board Member approval of the potential project, that the club proceed to work with council on the project.  It is agreed that as there are no current club projects for consideration and the health benefits provided by the units on the Corso, this opportunity to promote our Rotary brand in a prominent position adds up to a worthwhile initiative.
Susie M said we have missed the deadline for State Government Community Building Partnerships funding this year and also Rotary District Grants for this year but should proceed to work with council as quickly as possible.
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Manly Rotary Club - July 25, 2017

Duncan was contacted by President Susie M as a result of an article of his that appeared in the Manly Daily on “Defibulators”.  It was a long talk that covered Duncan’s military career in the UK and his move to Australia.  His many achievements, some colorful, are almost too long to appear in this newsletter.  With his current role as a Paramedic with NSW Ambulance and experience with Defibulators, it was appropriate to ask him to address the club on possible involvement, funding and placement of the units on the Manly Corso.  He indicated that the Northern Beaches Council are fully supporting this and most members present saw the potential to provide a public good, but just as important an opportunity to have our Rotary brand visible on a local community project on one of Sydney’s most high profile strips.  He had as a demonstration unit one that he recommends for use and the cost was in the range of $2500 with council involved in the maintenance possible.  If any of the members were going to suffer heart failure, it would have been a perfect time to do so, thankfully this was not the case.
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Manly Rotary Club Changeover night 18th July 2017

2017 Changeover Dinner
Please join us for our annual Changeover dinner. Partners and families welcome!
Date: Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Time: 6.30p for a 7p start
Location: Balgowlah RSL
Cost: $50 per person
RSVP : George McLelland via our website by July 11 2017
Registration fees are being kindly accepted in person by George McLelland, or alternatively you may bsb the fee directly to the Club's account.
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Manly Rotary Club 27th June 2017


Guest Speaker, Graham Kinder


Graham has been a volunteer all his life and named Rotary as a significant influence in his decision to serve others. He grew up in a Rotary family. Graham spoke to the club today about his role in the SES NSW. This organisation is “the combat agency for flood, storm and tsunami.” It is made up entirely of volunteers and has 8,000 members across the state.

Graham explained the pivotal role the SES has in managing disasters by describing the impact of cyclone Debbie on the Northern Rivers area. Not only SES volunteers from across the state were recruited but many RFS volunteers also assisted in the rescue and aftermath of the extensive flooding.

Graham also demonstrated the use of the defibrillator and stressed how important it is that all members of the community are confident to use it in first aid emergencies.

Graham requested our assistance in his application for a RESCA (Rotary Emergency Services Community Award). Such an acknowledgement recognises, not only the commitment and skills of an individual, but also the vital role emergency services play in keeping our communities safe and functioning. We wish Graham the very best in pursuit of this award.

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Rotary Club of Manly 20th June 2017

Guest Speaker: Keri Crittenden (Co-Founder So They Can)

So They Can works together withcommunities and their governments in Kenya and Tanzania to educate and empower, to break the poverty cycle, help local communities realise their own potential and meet their own needs especially through education.

Keri gave a very inspiring talk about the work she and her partner (Cass) have done with So They Can. In 2009 they signed an MOU with the Kenyan Government to build a school. The school (Aburdane Ranges) serves children of Internally Displaced People (IDP). This community was large and was due to post election violence in 2007. Currently the school has 1080 students. Truly remarkable what Keri and Cass have done. They have also expanded to develop a community called Miti Mingi Village to home (with a house mother!) orphaned children at the Kakuru Dump site. There were 120 children at the dump that now have homes. They are also heading up a women’s business school. Keri and So They Can have clearly
made a deep lasting impact. 
For more info, please visit:
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Rotary Club of Manly 30th May 2017


Lynne Shori returned to us this week with an always interesting report on the village toilet progress (phase one) in three communities.

Lynne’s presence in PNG has a number of purposes, the most practical being to inspect the toilet blocks constructed in the communities of Popeu, Loamat and Bundrou. Each community has decorated its block with available materials-rubber thongs and plastic bags being utilised liberally. Lynne provided colourful, effective signage with education/rules for toilet usage to complement existing efforts of communication. She made the point that this interest in the toilet blocks was a sure sign that ownership of these facilities was underway. Lynne indicated that the varying percentages of toilet use in these communities (Bundrou 30% and Loamat 50%) reveal cultural and practical issues at play. For instance the physical distance of the toilet from the homes and women disagreement over issues other than toilets discouraged some community participation.

Lynne has achieved success in getting all 9 ward leaders to commit to an expansion of the toilet project to Nauna, Tong and Pak islands. Happily, the close-knit nature of Papua New Guineans, whereby kinship ties extend far beyond immediate communities, makes this expansion a family matter of mutual responsibility. Phase Two seems imminent. The Boroko Rotary club are keen to support the project after Lynne’s persuasive presentations.

A particular highlight for Lynne was harnessing the support of the LLG President, Patrick Palek, who is keen to “champion the cause to have RAPATONA become the first 100% ODF LLG in Manus”.

Lynne’s generous work here is of inspiration to other Manly Rotarians and we are thankful for her articulate and quietly passionate approach to this project. We particularly enjoy the ongoing education about PNG’s people and customs.



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Manly Rotary 23rd May 2017

Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk 2017
This year the Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk completed its 8th year as our major fundraising event which allows us to help charities in our local community and overseas.
Through the Fun Run we have raised over $1.1m. Our Fun Run is now our major annual club activity and provides members with opportunities for fellowship whilst raising funds. 
This year the funds raised will go towards completing stage two of the Rambutso Sanitation Project in PNG. Funds from last year allowed us to successfully complete a Pilot for the project
President Richard has also applied for a Rotary Global Grant, to fund stage two of the sanitation project.
Money raised this year from our fun run will also fund the final year of our PhD Scholarship and other local community charities.
This year’s Manly Rotary Fun and Walk again proved to be a wonderful event.
Our members are amazing in what they do. Our volunteers again gave selflessly and tirelessly to ensure the day was a success.
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Rotary Club of Manly 17th May 2017


In an historic first for the club (we think!) Manly Rotary inducted Ty Stokoe, Sherry Midgley, Daniel Boothman and Robyn Waters as our newest Rotarians. President Richard gave a brief history of the club and explained that our newest members were now “bonded together with “people of goodwill”and he encouraged them to participate in serving the local, national and international community. 

Assistant District Governor Warren McGurgan also spoke, referring to the vibrancy of Manly Rotary.

Each new member indicated a willingness to serve and be part of a greater community.

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Rotary Club of Manly 9th May 2017

Peter Ward was inducted into Manly Rotary as the “World’s Newest Rotarian” and Richard explained the many benefits and rewards of membership of the world wide Rotary organization.  The only difficulty for Richard was getting the pin from the kit, but he duly pinned it on and welcomed Peter to our club.  It was great to have Peter’s wife, Susie, present and some senior members were heard to be quietly soliciting for another husband and wife team.
Peter spoke of his family members that were involved in Rotary and their experiences had prompted him to become involved in the community given his recent retirement.
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2017 Changeover Dinner

Please join us for our annual Changeover dinner. Partners and families welcome!
Date: Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Time: 6.30p for a 7p start
Location: Balgowlah RSL
Cost: $50 per person
Registration fees are being kindly accepted in person by George McLelland, or alternatively you may bsb the fee directly to the Club's account.
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Rotary Club of Manly 2nd May 2017 

The Club was informed this morning of the passing of one of its beloved members, Terry Kennedy.  A very sad moment for those members who have enjoyed Terry’s wonderful wit and time as a devout and hard working Rotarian.  To aspiring newer members a role model and legend of the club.  President Richard called for a moments silence in respect of Terry.
GUEST SPEAKER Cathy Webber – “Epilepsy Vision”
Richard introduced Cathy and Maggie confirmed her involvement in EV.  Cathie had distributed literature for all members to study and proceeded to tell her story as a sufferer and the trauma she endured as a young person, at school, college, workforce, as a wife and mother.  Her power point presentation was informative and the fact that 3% of Australian’s suffer, and that number is growing, enforced the importance of another charity that needs support for the good work it does.  She works as a volunteer for the organization.  She also mentioned that she grew up in a house where her father was a 35 year veteran of Rotary and a Paul Harris recipient.
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Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk 21st May 2017

21st MAY 2017
8am START 
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Manly Rotary Club 25th April

We were treated to a wonderful and informative  ANZAC presentation from Historian/Treasurer John Shanahan on the military history of his family and of Bomber Command in WW2 and the horrific loss of life rendered on society.  The Lancaster bomber stories were graphic and the historic audio recording quite amazing.  A fabulous production…look out Steven Spielberg!!
Peter Summers spoke after this and confirmed that some of our best speakers have come from within the club and John’s presentation confirmed this.
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Manly Rotary Club 21st May

Guest Speakers:
Tahina and Sophie spoke of the “The Grass Skirt Project” founded by Tahina. This project developed from Tahina’s experiences in PNG through her chosen athletic field of Weight Lifting and discovering the lack of sporting equipment and clothing for the young native kids in PNG to be able to participate in a similar way to those on mainland Australia, and also raising awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as building self esteem in young girls.  Knowing through her own sporting development the importance of participation and peer/role models she developed the idea along with advice from her friend and fellow supporter, Dr Sophie,  a project that is exciting and as a result is supported by a large number of sporting organisations in Australia.  The presentation was first class and the enthusiasm of presenters was shared by members of the club.  Vivien gave us an example of an earlier initiative by Manly Rotary of supplying sports bras for underprivileged young people, which she described as a “very uplifting experience”!
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Rotary Acronyms

A handy infographic created by the Rotary Club of Mosman, and approved for our use and republication:
Click to see the full list on Rotary Club of Mosman's website.
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Grants Writing Workshop

Members are strongly encouraged to sign up for the grants writing workshop being held at Narrabeen Coastal Environment Centre.
This skill will be particularly useful, as John Shanahan is looking for assistance with grants writing.
Grants Writing Workshop Jacqueline Linnane 2017-03-19 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly 7th March 2017

  • President Richard inducted the world’s newest Rotarian, James Okkerse. James has a background in finance and is the MD of Money Doesn’t Sleep. He lives in Manly with his wife and 9month old son. James was warmly welcomed by all members
Guest speaker today was Marianne Dalton, a previous member and past president of Manly Sunrise. Marianne spoke to us about her charity Vets Beyond Borders, which since 2003 has been providing veterinary based animal welfare and public health programs in Australia and overseas.
They have been doing a lot of work in for example India to alleviate the problem with rabies by vaccinating and de-sexing dogs, and also many disaster relief programs in Australia to help wild and domestic animals.
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Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk - 21st May 21017 2017-02-19 13:00:00Z 0

Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk

21st May 2017 - Registrations are now open
The Rotary Club of Manly is proud to announce that Registrations for their annual Fun Run, The Manly Rotary Fun Run and Walk are now open.
Take advantage of the early bird entry fees and help us make this the best Fun Run.
Thank you to everyone who helped hand out flyers on Sunday the 4th February 2017.
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Barnardos Mother of the Year Awards 2017

Good morning,
I am reaching out to Rotary Clubs on behalf of Barnardos Australia, the leading child protection agency, to request support for our flagship campaign Barnardos Mother of the Year.
The Barnardos Mother of the Year is the largest national awards showcasing the work of everyday mums in our community and the positive difference they make in the lives of children. For over 20 years we have been telling their stories and acknowledging the enormous contribution that they make each and every day. We would love for your support in sharing the call for nominations for the awards this year.
The nomination drive runs through to February 26th and it would be greatly appreciated if you could share the message across your communication platforms. We have produced posters to help promote the campaign and encourage nominations. We also have a link that includes all the tools you will need to help us promote the awards (
We would love for your support in spreading awareness about the awards this year in the form of putting up these posters. I would be more than happy to post some collateral to you if you are interested. Please feel free to advise suitable amounts and the best postal address. We thank you in advance for any support you are able to give for this truly special campaign. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require further information.
Kind regards,
Emma Rose, Barnardos
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Presidents Elect Training (PETS)

President Elects Training (PETS)
Saturday 1 April 2017
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Talavera Road, North Ryde
District Assembly
Sunday 23 April 2017
The Kings School
Pennant Hills Road, Parramatta
These events will begin with registrations at 8.30am and formal start at 9.00am, finishing at 4.30pm.
The training content will be informative and entertaining. It is a Rotary International requirement that each club is represented at PETS and District Assembly. If your club's President Elect cannot attend it is important that a representative from the club take their place.
More details will follow shortly.
Christine Owen
Training Chair
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Rotary Club of Manly 24th January 2017

President Richard opened the meeting at 7:03 a.m and led the affirmation and proposed the toast:
Our visitor today was our speaker, Kath Koschel from The Kindness Factory.

Our speaker ​is Kath Koschell from the Kindness Factory.  Maggie introduced her and it was through a Cricket NSW event that Ted had a chance to hear her amazing story and recommended her for our club speaker today. We are very pleased he did.
Kath Koschel, a former elite cricketer whose life spiralled into despair and darkness without warning, created the Kindness Factory as a result of this very difficult period of time in her life. She fought through the horrible ordeal and emerged with a renewed passion for life and a complete understanding of just how powerful kindness can be.
The Kindness Factory is a non-profit organisation based in Sydney, Australia, that promotes and encourages acts of kindness in the community. A simple act of kindness, no matter how small, can have a positive effect on someone else’s life.
Rotary Club of Manly 24th January 2017 2017-01-30 13:00:00Z 0

Manly Rotary Christmas Dinner

Manly Rotarians gathered on Tuesday evening for fellowship over a Christmas/holidays/end of year dinner organised by Vivien Coulson. Thanks to Vivien for putting on a fabulous show with delicious food, and also to Enza and Susie for assisting with food preparation and decorations and Ted Waters who supplied the music. And a special thanks to Veronica Hopley for suggesting a festive get together :-)
From our Manly Rotary Club to you and your family, Merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year! We will see you in the new year, with our next meeting on 17 January 2017.
Manly Rotary Christmas Dinner Jacqueline Linnane 2016-12-12 13:00:00Z 0
Blackmores' Twilight Christmas Market - 8 December 2016-11-28 13:00:00Z 0

Call for Assistance in Castle Hill

Dear Manly Rotarians
Apologies for the short notice but we are loading two containers for Sri Lanka next Saturday 3rd December and would very much appreciate help.
Address:          Unit 4, 12 Anella Avenue Castle Hill.

(Anella ave. runs off Victoria ave. turn left at first round about into Anella ave. at first bend in road there is a green Goodman sign warehouse for lease, go down drive past yellow polls on the nature strip. As you go over the first speed hump turn right and we are in the second warehouse on the left).

Time:               9.00am – 12.00noon
If people are available to assist please let Miriam Jacka know by email ( or leave a message on her mob. 0450 110 336
Thanks for your assistance,


Call for Assistance in Castle Hill 2016-11-28 13:00:00Z 0

RYLA Dinner - 10 January (Pittwater RSL)

Dear Manly Rotarians
The RYLA Dinner is on 10 January at Pittwater RSL and we'd love to have as many Rotarians join us for the evening. Please RSVP by 21 December by emailing to request the registration form.
Any late RYLA applications, please send them to Peter Agar 0410 498 466 by Tuesday 6 December. If you have any enquires about RYLA, please contact Peter Agar until 12 December, as David Clark is away.
We look forward to seeing you and your Club at the RYLA Dinner.
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Rotary Club of Manly

Acting President Jackie opened the meeting at 7.02 a.m., and Vivien led the affirmation and toast.
Rambutso Sanitation Project:
Maggie advised that Tony Abbot will be travelling shortly to Papua New Guinea. She will contact his office to see if he will support/publicise Lynne’s PNG sanitation program.
Lynne reported that there had been some delays in shipping toilets, tools etc for this project, but that the boat  carrying this equipment is due to leave  on Saturday next.
Guest speaker:
Our Guests for the Day were Jessica Warner and Paris Busby from the Wesley Mission. Jessica was the guest speaker for the day.
Jessica and  Paris work for Wesley Mission and coordinate a program called Adventure Therapy.
Jessica originally  got experience with this type of work from time spent working with troubled youth in Chicago. There, a program was started called Adventure Education. She brought the program back to Australia under the name of Adventure Therapy. Various stakeholders refer youths (12 -17 years) to this program. Paris is one of the program leaders who arranges to contact these referrals. She works hard to  find out their personal goals and then takes them on activities, such as high ropes courses,  that lifts them right out of their normal comfort zone. The idea of these programs is to instill a sense of trust in these young people. An aim of the program is to  connect these youth to the appropriate community resources. Hopefully with the right intervention and with access to resources many will go on to lead a worthwhile and fulfilled life. The program is funded by Wesley Missions and financial assistance is provided by a number of Rotary Clubs.
Rotary Club of Manly 2016-11-21 13:00:00Z 0

Auckland Rotary Club of Pakuranga: NZ Tour Opportunity

Please find below information from the Rotary Club of Pakuranga (courtesy of Ken Hopley):
After analysing a questionnaire sent to 4,645 Australian Rotarians via their Rotary Clubs, we (the Auckland Rotary Club of Pakuranga ) have tailored the following tour of New Zealand which includes Rotary events.
This tour is 2 weeks long, covers both islands and includes a Rotary host couple and a professional Tour Guide. We are also limiting the quantity of participants to 30 maximum
to ensure it is manageable, friendly and that all participants will be fully involved. So once we get 30 participants we will be closing applications. The tour starts on the 30th March 2017 and runs through to Friday 14th April. (Easter Friday) Several meals and tours are included within the price ($6,490 pp).
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Rotary Club of Manly 25th October 2016

REMINDER: There will be no Rotary meeting on Tuesday, 1 November due to the Melbourne Cup.
George McLelland chaired the meeting in President Richard’s absence overseas and opened the meeting at 7.00 a.m.
Beverley Leahy, Aaron Prestipino, Helen Frost (guest speaker)
Rambutso Toilet Sanitation Project Update:
Lynne Shori filled us in on her PNG village loo project and her tireless fundraising that is still going strong.The packing and shipping of donated tools and toots has been finalised.
Lynne will keep us informed of progress, hopefully with a few photos
Guest Speaker: Helen Frost, Wellness Today

Helen Frost gave us a great 'down to earth' health talk this morning on eating well and exercising.
She is the Director of Red Hot Health in Perth and works in conjunction with a dedicated health team at Wellness Today at Chatswood.

I think everyone in attendance this morning would be happy to have Helen come and talk again, and I believe she has offered a free consultation at Chatswood if we are game enough to find out how healthy/unhealthy we may be.
Rotary Club of Manly 25th October 2016 2016-10-26 13:00:00Z 0

South African Rotary Youth Leadership Course 2016

A message from the Rotary Club of Hilton and Howick (South Africa):
Dear Manly Rotary Club,
On behalf of the Hilton & Howick Rotary Club I would like to thank you all very much for enabling 8 students to attend the Port Shepstone Rotary Leadership Course. I sent them off this morning.
The students were selected by the Principals from four High Schools, namely, Howick High, Howick West Secondary, Injalobe and Sibongumbomvu Combined School. The ethnicity comprised White, Indian and Black students. (not important I know, but thought you’d like to know.)
I then interviewed them and established that their English was good enough to understand the course lectures.
The great day dawned this morning. As they had about 150 kms to go to Port Shepstone, we all met at 6h30 am. I brought tea, coffee and muffins. The lovely bus, picture attached, arrived and then the students trickled in.
Two of them walked 4 kms with their siblings to the pickup venue, carrying a suitcase, and finally the last boy arrived. He walked 11 kms from Howick along the highway. Had we known of course someone would have fetched him!
My heart was full when I saw them off. They were so excited and believe you me, we, actually YOU, have set them off on a life changing experience.
Many, many thanks you wonderful Rotarians!
Janice, President, Rotary Club of Hilton and Howick
South African Rotary Youth Leadership Course 2016 2016-10-24 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Dee Why: Comedy Night, 12 November

On November 12th The Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah has organised a fundraising Comedy Night for their dental program in Bangladesh (Aus Bangla Care for Dental). 
Volunteer dentists from Australia fly to Dhaka at their own expense and link up with a team of local dental professionals to provide much-needed services in slum and rural areas and dental health education programs in schools. Funds raised will supply materials, transport etc. that will be used during these visits. 
The ABCD program is supported by the Rotary Club of Bangladesh and by the members of the Bangladesh community living in Australia.
Tickets are $35 for adults and $20 for students and children.
Book online: 
Rotary Club of Dee Why: Comedy Night, 12 November 2016-10-23 13:00:00Z 0

Manly Rotary 18th October 2016

Susie Morgan chaired the meeting in President Richard’s absence overseas and opened the meeting at 7.00 a.m.
Beverley Leahy, Terry Cornick and his colleague and friend, Peter Regan
Veronica Hopley, Margaret Conway, Lynne Shori, Richard Schroder, Robert Jones, Tracy Rushmer
Vale Stuart Reeves:
Susie asked George to share some memories of Past President Stuart Reeves, who has passed away at the weekend after a long illness.
Stuart had joined Manly Rotary in July 2003 and had been club President for several years, as well as having a keen interest in the youth portfolio.
His love of country music transformed the entertainment at the club’s Christmas functions, with other musical members of the Reeves family also performing.
Stuart was a builder by trade. His wife died young and Past President Ken Hopley, who taught all three boys over the years, speaks with admiration of what a fine job had done in bring up Matthew, Tim and Brett on his own.
There was a minute’s silence in memory of Past President Edward John Stuart Reeves.
Other news:
Annual District Conference and Assembly.
Terrence Joseph briefly explained for newer members about annual District  Conferences and District Assemblies.
The next District Conference for D9685 will be held at Penrith on 11 March 2017. The conferences have consistently been of value to Rotarians, with excellent speakers and subjects discussed.
District Assembly focuses on varies portfolios for club directors, the District Governor’s plans and goals for the year ahead, as well a program referred to as PETS – meaning President-Elect Training Sessions.
Guest Speaker, Terry Cornick, Mr Perfect:
Terry Cornick spoke about his battle with depression and how it has led him to learn strategies to deal with the issues when he “felt cloudy.”
He and his colleagues now have incorporated “Mr Perfect” as a mental health support group for men encountering similar issues. Mr Perfect has a website, blog, Facebook, Instagram and a newsletter and conducts monthly barbecues on the last Sunday of every month at a central Sydney location.
We have all been affected, directly and indirectly, by depression. The Club commends Terry for the good work he does in facilitating discussion about mental health.
Lynne Shori - Report
Lynne  reports that leaders from the three Rambutso villages receiving toilets met last week and want to contribute by providing iron roofing for the toilets. As only important buildings such as schools have iron roofing, Lynne regards this from a project perspective as being “gold.” The villages thus regard the toilets as valuable infrastructure and are claiming ownership of the project.
Lynne will report further at next week’s meeting.
Susie closed the meeting at 7.55 a.m, and the group gathered at Fusion for fellowship.
Rotary District 9685 hopes that you can join them at Panthers, Penrith on 11 March 2017 for a wonderful day of fellowship, great guest speakers and project showcase. Stay into the evening for the Cocktail Function and Entertainment with Normie Rowe.
Date: Saturday, 11 March 2017 (all day)
Location: Penrith Panthers Convention Centre, 123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith
Cost: from $100
Register online:
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Manly Rotary Club 11th October 2106

Acting President John Pack opened the meeting 
Bev Lehy, Katherine Burchfield (Royal Far West)
Rambutso Sanitation Project Update
Lynn Shori  gave us a heads up on her fantastic progress on the PNG loo project. Funding is forging ahead and Lynn has used all her enthusiasm to organise free shipping and port charges for loo kits, tools and assorted bits & pieces.
Guest Speakers: Katherine Burchfield and John Shanahan
Katherine from Royal Far West gave us an update on how they propose using our donation of $9,000.00 working with the indigenous children in and around Walgett.
John Shanahan gave us a great talk and slide show on his love of history and painters, particularly those who painted the ever-beautiful Manly landscape and residents. Vivien also let us know that Manly Art Gallery has a must-see new exhibit open now. Vivien volunteers at the Art Gallery, and gives wonderful tours.
Manly Rotary Club 11th October 2106 2016-10-15 13:00:00Z 0

Manly Rotary Club 4th October 2016

Past President David Park opened the meeting at 7a.m. 
Former Warringah Mayor Michael Regan and Bronwen Regan
President’s Opening Comments
Past President David opened the meeting and welcomed Michael Regan and his wife Bronwen Regan. PP David also commented on the eagerness of all club members to show off their silly hats to raise awareness of and support for Rotary Health (in addition to all funds received during the sergeant's session).
Guest Speaker
PP Maggie introduced our guest speaker: Mr Michael Regan, former Mayor of Warirngah Council and current Chair of the Economic Committee at the Northern Beaches Council.
Michael Regan is an Australian public servant and local government politician. He served as the Mayor of Warringah Council from 13 September 2008, when he was elected as the first directly-elected mayor of the council following its return from five years of state administration. Became the longest-serving mayor of Warringah since he overtook the 6 year cumulative term of Arthur Parr (as Shire President) in 2014 and was the last mayor of Warringah following its amalgamation into the new Northern Beaches Council.
Michael spoke on the outcome of one council for the Northern Beaches which he supported and the process of how it came about.
Northern Beaches Council
On 12 May 2016, with the release of the Local Government (Council Amalgamations) Proclamation 2016, the Northern Beaches Council was formed as per Warringah's submission, from Manly, Pittwater and Waringah councils. At the first meeting of the new council at Manly Town Hall on 19 May, Regan was appointed, with Manly mayor Jean Hay and Pittwater Deputy Mayor Kylie Ferguson, by Administrator Dick Persson as a member of the Implementation Advisory Group, one of several advisory committees composed of former councillors and mayors of the three councils, and as Chair of the Economic Committee.
Michael spoke of the economic opportunities and savings derived from a bigger council eg consolidated insurance and IT, he spoke of benefits that a bigger council can achieve and also spoke of the  increase to grants that many community organisations can apply for, a proposed $750,000 going back into the community.
Manly Rotary Club 4th October 2016 2016-10-15 13:00:00Z 0

2017 Rotary District Conference - Saturday 11th March

Rotary District 9685 hopes that you can join them at Panthers, Penrith on 11 March 2017 for a wonderful day of fellowship, great guest speakers and project showcase. Stay into the evening for the Cocktail Function and Entertainment with Normie Rowe.
Date: Saturday, 11 March 2017 (all day)
Location: Penrith Panthers Convention Centre, 123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith
Cost: from $100
Register online:
2017 Rotary District Conference - Saturday 11th March Jacqueline Linnane 2016-10-12 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly 13th September 2016

Daniel Hammond – for the last time as a visitor – and his mother.
New member induction by President
Immediately after opening the meeting, President Richard had the pleasure of inducting Daniel Hammond
(who was nominated by Ted Waters) as our club’s newest member. 
Other News
  • Although perhaps not the only reason for the large attendance, Jackie thanked everyone for the club’s wedding gift and circulated both champagne and muffins, both of which were gratefully consumed.
  • Ted Waters entered a plea for all members to become Centurians, not only because 100% of members was required in relation to gaining a club citation, but also to bring to an end Terry’s need to bring the matter to the club’s attention, yet again.
  • John Shanahan advised that all the required applications to various parties in relation to the 2017 Fun Run have been submitted.
  • Maggie asked that anyone with club photos from the past club activities be submitted to her so that a selection of photos can be screened at the dinner on 14 December.
  • Maggie’s call for someone who can mail merge was met by Lynne Shori, who has just learned to do so.
Speaker - Andrea Goddard, Stars Foundation
Lynne Shori introduced our speaker, Andrea Goddard, Executive Director of Stars Foundation.
We learned from Andrea that she had worked for eight years from 2005 for the Clontarf Foundation. That was in Clontarf’s early days, when it had 200 aboriginal boys, rather than the 3,000 it has today.
Because she knew that it was essential to “even out the playing field”, and there had to be a balanced investment in both aboriginal boys and girls, Andrea has started up the Stars Foundation, which mirrors Clontarf Foundation by providing guidance and mentoring for aboriginal girls.
Currently the Stars Foundation works only in the Northern Territory where they have 21 staff, though discussions are afoot about both Victoria and Queensland locations, and there is a desire to operate in NSW as well.
Stars Foundation’s work so far is at eight schools in NT and involves 400 girls. The budget is $7,000 per student, in addition to gifted office and administration and great pro bono support.
Andrea stressed the importance of having both male and female mentors, and the great need to keep raising the percentage of aboriginal girls completing their schooling and being assisted to transition from school to work.
Rotary Club of Manly 13th September 2016   2016-09-18 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly 6th September 2016  

Daniel Hammond
Acting President Terry’s opening comments
  • Welcome back to Margaret Conway, who has been absent for some weeks due to work commitments.
  • Terry also took a minute or two to use words with a very familiar ring (Centurian, hundred dollars, valuable badges) in the context of polio
Doug spoke about the Wellness Walk that will start and finish at Government House on 16 October 2016. He also spoke about the aid change in part of the marketplace, where welfare funding is no longer provided government to organisation, but instead government to consumer.
Lynne Shori provided a very interesting update on the sanitation pilot project. (please note the photo is from a previous speech that Lynne delivered to the Club).
A crowdfunding campaign has been set up on the platform to raise awareness and try to raise a further $16,000.  A facebook ad was used to reach more than 60,000 people with 4,500 people clicking on the post. This includes members from three other Rotary clubs who Lynne is now following up.  The campaign has raised $2,300 to date with more hoped for once priority targets – Australians with PNG interests – are targeted in the coming week.
Lynne outlined upcoming key project milestones and agreed to provide a further update in a few weeks.
Rotary Club of Manly 6th September 2016     2016-09-18 14:00:00Z 0

Sanitation and Water in Papua New Guinea

Rotary Club of Manly received a mention in a Lowy Institute article published on 12 September 2016, regarding its support of the Friends of Rambutso (FoR) sanitation project!
Congrats to Rotarians and Lynne Shori (Rotarian and founder of FoR) for their excellent work and well-deserved accolades and attention! For more information please read below, and clock on the link:
It’s estimated that 2.4 billion people lack access to toilets. Poor sanitation in turn leads to poor health, with links to increases in the prevalence of waterborne diseases, such as cholera. Despite significant international funding allotted to PNG for water, sanitation and hygiene combined - through the global WASH initiative - in percentage terms fewer people in PNG today have access to sanitation than 20 years ago.
Friends of Rambutso, with support from Manly Rotary and its District, is seeking to bring an increased quality of sanitation and hygiene to the communities they work with, specifically by training the local communities to build sustainable composting toilets. The project believes that a faster roll-out of sanitation is possible when local communities are engaged and trained to solve the problem themselves. Roughly half of PNG’s population is under 25, and the project aims to engage this largely underutilized workforce in combination with the knowledge of local elders, who will be trained in community hygiene and the technicalities of composting toilets.
Sanitation and Water in Papua New Guinea Jacqueline Linnane 2016-09-14 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly 30th August 2016

Assistant District Governor Warrren McGergen, Chris Lew, Sheree Lineham, David Hammond and Laura Gilmour from Hearing Australia.
Visiting Rotarian’s comments
Warren McGergen introduced Chris Lew as a former member of Rotaract. Chris informed the meeting that he wishes to set up a new Rotaract club, based at Dee Why, to be named Northern Beaches Rotaract. The club would meet and meet at Dee Why RSL on the 2nd and 4th Mondays in each month. The intention is to have the club chartered on 28 October 2016. Donations from Rotary clubs in the zone are sought to help the new club get started, with Northern Beaches Rotary said to be committed to donate $1,000 and Belrose considering making a $500 donation.
Members would be in the 18 to 30 years age group.
Warren also urged members of Manly Rotary to seek to be awarded a District citation by undertaking two of a number of projects that would qualify the club as a possible winner.
Guest Speaker
Laura Gilmour from Australian Hearing started by letting members know that in 2013 she had greatly enjoyed being on a RYLA course in 2013.
Laura’s Powerpoint presentation covered the subject of loss of hearing, the signs to look out for as one’s hearing deteriorates. Sixty per cent of sixty years olds are reckoned to be hard of hearing and seventy per cent by aged 70 years .
Fortunately technology powering hearing aids, devices for listening to TV, doorbells etc are all much better than even 10 years ago.  
Other News
Ted Waters started by complaining that he had been wlth only seven minutes to do his job, then proceeded to relish fleecing one and all in the sergeant’s session.
Vivien Coulson’s pain in the sergeant session was mitigated by gleefully winning the raffle.
Meeting closed 8am followed by coffee at Fusion Cafe
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Rotary Club of Balgowlah 27th Annual Golf Day - 15 September Jacqueline Linnane 2016-08-28 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly 16th August 2016

Daniel Hammond and Liz Mackinlay.
President’s opening comments
  • President Richard congratulated Maggie, John Shanahan & Ted Waters for the recent birth of their respected grandchildren over the weekend.
  • He welcomed both Daniel Hammond as a return guest and Liz Mackinlay, making her first visit to the club: and reported that John Shanahan will meet with Wendy from Fragile X and present her with a donation from the club to her organisation of $2,500.
Terry Kennedy then spruiked Polio Plus AND the Polio Plus badges which, according to Terry, will be so valuable in years to come that our ancestors may be taking them to be valued on the Antiques Roadshow.
Ted Waters reported on the success of the Royal Far West’s Sportsman’s lunch held at the Steyne Hotel. The club hopes to have the poet who entertained mightily at the lunch to be the speaker at the club’s 100 years celebration dinner on 14 December.
Andrea Hogan sought applicants – likely to be in their early twenties - for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) 
Robert Jones undertook to try to have our club meetings included in the Noticeboard section in the Manly Daily each Saturday.
George McLelland introduced the speaker, Liz Mackinlay, CEO of Australian Doctors International Inc.
Liz has had over 20 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector, both in Australia and in Australia. She has worked with Red Cross and World Vision, as well as smaller non - government organisations. She was based in Cambodia for three years.
Liz provided a very interesting and informative power point presentation on ADI’s delivery of health services in PNG, as well as responding to many questions raised by members.
Liz stressed that PNG being our closest neighbour and the importance of PNG to Australia and the health risks that it presents to our shores if medical treatment services are not improved in the country.
John Warren ran the sergeant’s session.
Having folded the raffle tickets etc. before the draw, Susie Morgan had the satisfaction of winning the raffle.
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Rotary Club of Manly 9th  August 2016

President Richard opened the meeting at 7am.
Maggie Shanahan led the affirmation and proposed the toast:
“We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary” 
Toast to Australia.
Wendy Bruce, Fragile X
Tom Miles, group leader, First Balgowlah Scouts
Daniel Hammond, former Rotaract member
Veronica Hopley, Enza Prestipino, Stuart Reeves, Norm Thomson
President’s opening comments
  • Thanks to those who did the work in relation to the new shed at Pioneer Clubhouse – Neil Austen and Robert Jones to the fore
  • With Polio now close to being eliminated from the planet, what is the next health program for Rotary to address on a worldwide basis. Sanitation? TB? filariasis? or ??
Terry Kennedy encouraged those who had not already become Centurians to do so, reminding members that when Rotary took up the challenge to eliminate polio, people were being afflicted at the rate of  335,000 each year. Now polio is down to 70 per year, and in only two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Lynne Shori updated members on the sanitation project, advising that Rotary Club of Boroko in Port Moresby had agreed to be the in country Rotary Club partnering Manly Rotary - and Boroko club is enthusiastic about the project. The pilot project is on track to complete its registration as an official overseas project with Rotary Australia World Community Services Ltd (WRACS), and thus able to provide tax deductibility to donors.
Group Leader Tom Miles from First Balgowlah Scouts advised that there are 19 scout groups available to boys and girls from Balgowlah through to Mona Vale, with 28 millions being the total number of scouts worldwide. In addition to outdoor local activities such as canoeing and sailing, the scout movement in Sydney own 6 Cessna planes. Flights are thus also available to scouts.
Tom advised that the First Balgowlah Group had enjoyed their drink station volunteering at the Manly Rotary Fun Run and gone on to provide 60 volunteers to City to Surf.
Daniel Hammond spoke briefly about his 8.5 years in Rotaract, starting at Macquarie University. Now aged 30, his Rotaract career has come to an end after 5 years as club Treasurer and becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.
At President Richard’s request, Susie Morgan provided an insight into her life. Susie started her life in Surrey, England, but migrated to Australia with her family when she was 11 years old. Now she has three grown up daughters and she is enjoying making a contribution to the community through Manly Rotary.
Maggie Shanahan ran a successful sergeant’s session. 
However, the highlight that members had been waiting for was when, on behalf of all club members, Maggie presented Jackie Linnane with a wedding gift and card, with best wishes to Jackie and Josh for their future married live together. Jackie and Josh leave tomorrow for the U.S.
Note from Jackie:
Dear Rotarians,
Thank you so much for the wonderful gift, the beautiful card and your kind well wishes. Josh and I will truly make good use of the Nespresso machine. He even promised to come to a few meetings now that he'll have caffeine in him (we'll make a member of him yet!).
I feel lucky and privileged to be part of such a great group of people, and it means so much to have your well wishes as we journey back to the States to officially tie the knot! I look forward to seeing you upon my return, and coming back a married woman! I hear that once you exchange vows, the wife becomes infinitely wiser. I look forward to always being right after this trip!
See you soon!
Ted Waters won the raffle (for only the second time in six years apparently!).
Closing comments:
President Richard reminded members that there would be a meeting of the 100th birthday committee at John and Maggie Shanahan’s home at 7.00pm on Thursday 11 August.
A very happy birthday to Neil Austen who celebrates his 30th (?) birthday this Saturday!
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Rotary Club of Manly 2nd August 2016

President’s opening comments
  • Richard also asked Ron Delezio to introduce President Maria Moran of Cronulla Club, little Junitalia and her aunt Lita, who was accompanying Junitalia from East Timor, instead of Junitalia’s mother, who has TB.
Ron Delezio spoke about the good that is done by Rotary in the Pacific Region through Rotary Oceanic Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC), by selecting usually 45 children from the region each year who are in urgent need of medical treatment and bringing them to Australia to receive the treatment they require.
Two year old Junitalia had a hole in the heart and a torn aorta and for two years has survived on rice and water. Post the operations she spent 14 days in an Intensive Care Unit.  Now, with successful operations behind her, she can eat normally. Only 10 days out of the ICU, the two year old clearly demonstrated during the meeting that her rice and water days are behind her.
Ron praised the Children’s Hospital at Randwick. 
President Maria Moran also spoke about ROMAC’s work and about Juitalia’s journey in particular.
Although she is only a short time out of hospital she is already putting on weight and eating food for the first time.
Vivien Coulson conducted the sergeant’s sessionwith relish, full of energy after her overseas holiday.
George McLelland won the raffle.
Meeting closed at 8.00 am.
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Rotary Club of Manly 19th July 2016

Rotary Foundation: Terry Kennedy
Our own Terry Kennedy spoke movingly about the achievement of Rotary Foundation. The Foundation transforms our gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, they tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into Rotary's global priorities, such as eradicating polio and promotion peace. Foundation grants power Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact. Terry shared a video summarising the good works of the Foundation. 
Terry encouraged Members to consider becoming a Centurion ($100 tax deductible donation), that will go towards eradicating Polio worldwide. There are currently two countries still reporting cases of Polio: Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Terry offered an incentive to the first 14 Members to become Centurions: they will be presented with an End Polio Now badge to add to their collection of Rotary pins.
As Terry so aptly put it: "Polio anywhere in the world is a risk everywhere in the world."
Please consider becoming a Centurion today.
Guest Speaker: Fiona Phipps
Fiona Phipps from the Royal Far West spoke about the program Rugby Sense - a therapy program designed to assist Indigenous children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She spoke at length about programs aimed at children with ASD primarily benefiting Caucasian children. Rugby Sense combines the universal cross-cultural appeal of sport with an outlet for children with ASD and their families to address their needs. The Rugby Sense camp will operate during the next school holidays in September and will be available to children with ASD between the ages of 8 and 12 years and their siblings between the ages of 10-12 years.
Fiona also answered questions from Rotarians about the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
Rotary Club of Manly 19th July 2016     2016-08-21 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly 12th July 2106

Visitors: Tahina Booth, Robert Frost (who has only moved into the area in the last year), Warren McGurgan, Assistant District Governor and Belrose Rotary Club.

President’s opening comments
President Richard led the round of applause at see Veronica Hopley enjoying the meeting after her  absence.
At this rate President Richard should enrol 52 new members this year – given that he has only been President for two weeks and has now enrolled two new members.
This week we were all happy to see Norm Thomson inducted by Richard and welcomed to the club.
  • The date for the 2017 Fun Run was announced as being on Sunday 28 May 2017.
  • Worthy of special note – still flush with funds after his UK holiday, John Warren flummoxed the meeting by paying his Centurian contribution for “next year.”
  • Lynne Shori requested that all attending the Zone meeting on Saturday 30 July pay their $40 per head into the club bank account and also let her know so she can keep a tally of who are all attending.
  • John Shanahan announced that the $6,000 grant for Lynne Shori’s pilot sanitation project has come in, that he had written to RABS (Rotary Australia Benevolent Society) about the project, and also that an international grant is been sought too for the pilot project.
  • John also read out a long list of names of the beneficiaries of club largesse over the last 10 years, totalling $1,125,000.00
  • Ted Waters advised that, according to Council, the repairs to the walkway round to Shelly Beach will be carried out in two months time, and that the hold up so far has been that the sewage line has to be dealt with also.
Visiting Rotarian’s comments
Warren McGurcan stressed the District Governor is keen to pay a visit to Manly Rotary. The club thanked Warren for delivering the district membership
Enza talked members through the Clubrunner system and we learned that:
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Rotary Club of Manly 28th June 2016 2016-07-10 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly 5th July 2016

President’s opening comments
President Richard opened his first solo club meeting by inducting Sue Morgan into Manly Rotary. When she spoke briefly Sue made touching remarks about the poverty she had seen in neighbouring countries and the contribution Rotary makes in helping Australia’s neighbouring countries.
  • The Zone Dinner will be held on 30 July at Wakehurst Golf Club, commencing at 7.00 pm. RSVP by 18 July
  • The club’s 80th birthday dinner, to be held on Wednesday 14 December 2016, has an organising committee already in place.
    • Maggie is working on a 80 page booklet covering the years since the publication of the club’s 75th anniversary book.
  • Richard also reminded club members that the club needs to start the formal process for organising the 2017 Fun Run.
  • John Shanahan advised that he had prepared a summary of the recipients of donations from Manly Rotary/Many Sunrise combined and he will provide soft copies to club members.
  • Speaker
    As Richard’s PA at Kina Petroleum, Tahina Booth, will play an important part in the club business throughout 2016-17. So it was timely that she was the speaker at the club’s first meeting of the year. 
    Born in Australia (two months premature!), she lived in Bougainville, the Solomon Islands and Lae in PNG, before setting in Australia when she was ten years old. 
    Tahina made a lot of friends and admirers in the club as she gave a lively and very enjoyable account of her life journey to this point. Her account of “awful things” and the tension and perils for girls and women in every day life in PNG was very sobering. Plus her account of her athletic life was highly entertaining.
    After only a year in the sport, Tahina is in serious training to develop the natural talent she has in weightlifting. Her goal is to be on the Australian team for the next Commonwealth Games. We wish her well in her training, and promise to try not to be too much of a nuisance!
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Rotary Club of Manly Changeover Night 21st June 2016

The Rotary Club of Manly held its Changeover Night at the Balgowlah RSL on Tuesday 21st June 2016.  Among special guest were
Superintendant Dave Darcy and Dr Peter MacDonald.
Past Presidents Enza Prestipino and Maggie Shanahan were proud to handover the Presidency to President Richard Schroder and be relegated to feather duster status.
President Richard spoke about his upcoming year and the importance of the fun run and  keeping our involvement in the community.
The evening was full of fun and fellowship and our members and guest enjoyed themselves immensely.
Past President Enza and Maggie cutting the Changeover cake.  Thanking all club members for their wonderful contributions and making their year very special.  Past Enza and Maggie were also awarded the Paul Harris Award.
Rotary Club of Manly Changeover Night 21st June 2016 2016-07-10 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly Meeting 7th June 2016

Induction of New Member
Maggie inducted Margaret Conway into the Club.  Margaret then briefly introduced herself and described her work as a Fundraising Co-ordinator for Autism Spectrum Australia.
Meeting closed at 8 a.m. and fellowship followed at Fusion.
Rotary Club of Manly Meeting 7th June 2016 2016-06-15 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly - Meeting 31st May 2016

Visiting Rotarian’s comments
Warren McGurgan explained that he will be the 2016/17 Assistant Governor for our club’s zone and that the DG will this year meet zone clubs together rather than visit each of the 74 clubs in the district. Our zone meeting with the DG will be on 30 July 2016 at Wakehurst Golf Club at a cost of $40 per person.
Kathy Wong from Moeloco spoke of her determination to “make a difference” and about the millions of children in the world who do not even have shoes to wear.  She is determined to provide as many shoes for children in India as she can through her efforts and the support she can raise from others to support her ambition.
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Rotary Club of Manly -Meeting 24th Mayl 2016

GUEST: BILL FORSYTH (District Photographer) Member of The Rotary Club of Chatswood Sunrise and MARGARET CONWAY
A special thank you to Bill Forsyth for again taking all our official Fun Run photos. Bill attended this mornings meeting and delivered a USB containg all the Fun Run  photos.
thank you Bill for all your help and assistance.
President’s opening comments
  • Maggie commented on the fabulous success of the Fun Run. 
  • Maggie thanked all members for their support, and specifically mentioned the work of Neil as logistics organiser, and Jackie, Andrea and Tom for their terrific social media work which seems to have moved us into a new dimension in local community involvement.
  • David Brown was able to solve a last-minute problem from the Sydney Harbour Trust. 
  • The Clontarf students participation was also brilliant and gave a real community feel to the event. 
  • Royal Far West helped again, and we would like to come up with a more effective use of their offer of the playground space on the day. Any ideas??
  • Pioneer gave great suppoprt, as well as the Steyne hotel.
Enza thanked all members for an amazing job, and reminded us that most of the Fun Run organisation was in-house from members.   We will have a full debrief of the Fun Run at the Board meeting tonight.
THANK YOU TO THE MANY VOLUNTEERS WHO ASSISTED THE ROTARY CLUB OF MANLY AT THE MANLY SCENIC FUN RUN AND WALK  ON THE DAY without the volunteers on the day it would not have been possible to arrange such a wonderful event.
John Shanahan gave a Treasurer's Report on financial progress of the Fun Run.
Some photos of the Fun Run for all to enjoy! (stay tuned for more photos in coming weeks!)
Meeting finished at 8am, followed by coffee at Fusion Cafe.
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Rotary Club o Manly - Meeting 17th May 2016

President’s opening comments
  • Maggie reminded us that the Royal Far Westare seeking a grant from Aussie Farmers Rural Hero for their Healthy Kids Bus Stop. Please support the RFW by going to the website and voting for the RFW. You can find the website by clicking here.
  • Enza led the discussion regarding the organisation of the Fun Run. 
    • Enza complimented all members for their terrific support. 
    • Current numbers registered as of today is 1,771 (100 more than ran last year), the audited figure supplied by John Shanahan. 
    • Enza and Maggie particularly thanked Andrea, Jackie and Tom Shanahanfor their work on social media which seems to have helped with the increased numbers.
    • Thanks also to the Clontarf students who are volunteering on the day.
  • Neil led the detailed discussion of Fun Run logistics. 
    • We are close to a full compliment of marshalls.
    • Head marshalls to pick up marshall gear, shirts, maps etc from ICMS.
    • All gear back to ICMS after the run for transfer back to storage next Tuesday 24th.
Meeting finished at 8am, followed by coffee at Fusion Cafe.
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Rotary Club of Manly -Meeting 10th Mayl 2016

Visiting today from Katoomba Rotary were Max Fragar, Liang Feng and Alex. Max and Liang told us about their World Travel Programme. It has been endorsed by Rotary, and $100 for each Rotarian goes to the Rotary foundation. It also benefits local Rotarians, who often are involved in the tours as guides etc.  The next trip for Rotarians and their friends is to China, leaving 3rd September. Cost $2700 + airfare. It includes both famous landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Terracotta warriors during 15 days in Shanghai, Guilin, Xi’an and Bejing, as well as visits to homes and small businesses.
Next year, a trip to the US is planned with snowmobiling and white water rafting.
For more details and to register your interest go to
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Manly Rotary Club of Manly - Manly Scenic Fun Run and Walk 2016-05-14 14:00:00Z 0

Manly Rotary Club meeting 19th April 2016

  • Manly Rotary Member Stephen Russell has been awarded a Companion of Rotary Health award that was presented by Terry Kennedy. Well done, Stephen.
  • Maggie spoke about the inspirational speech from Nick Farr Jones AM at District Assembly and his message of spirit.
  • Enza spoke about this year's focus for District Assembly on engaging with the Indigenous community. This is a good reminder for Manly Rotary to continue working closely with Clontarf Foundation.
Lynne gave a brief presentation on the need for clean water in Papua New Guinea.
President Maggie's Background and introduction:
Today in PNG less than 10% of people are formally employed.  84% of people continue to live in remote, rural areas in predominantly traditional style housing which lack running water, electricity, plumbing.  It is still the case that most PNG people defecate in the open in the bush or over reefs and with high population growth, the health concerns are mounting.
Despite water and sanitation being prioritised by the PNG government and development organisations, there are 3 reasons why big leaps in sanitation – not baby steps - are needed now:
  1. Health:  The common practice of open-defecation increases the risk of contamination of groundwater and streams which most people continue to rely upon for drinking and washing.  This underpins PNG’s continued ranking amongst the worlds worst on health outcomes as measured by the UN Human Development Index. 
  2. Gender equity: a lack of toilets means young girls will absent themselves from school when menstruating.  Lower attendance translates to lower academic achievement, lower economic outcomes, poorer social outcomes and entrenched gender inequality.
  3. Current methods are failing the PNG people: Wateraid, is a large NGO (funded by DFAT).  In 2014 they reported bringing water and sanitation to 2800 people in PNG at a cost of $1.2m.  At this rate, it will take 2656 years to cover all of PNG and at a huge cost to the Australian taxpayer.
Clearly faster and more cost effective solutions must be found.  One approach gaining acceptance involves the training, equipping and engaging locals – who then train others – to collectively solve the challenges faced.
Recently, Friends Of Rambutso (FOR) used this approach to successfully run a woodwork without nails workshop with 5 villages in Rambutso in Manus Province, PNG.  It resulted in the Provincial Government offering to pay the Rambutso workshop participants to share their skills with all other Manus communities and confirmed support for the train the trainer model.
Rambutso community leaders have identified sanitation as a top 3 priorities and want to partner with FOR to deliver culturally and environmental suitable toilets using a train the trainer approach. 
Project Opportunity
FOR intends to run a workshop teaching all 12 villages how to build and maintain suitable composting toilets.  At the conclusion, workshop participants will be required to train others and successfully build a toilet for women in their village.  Upon doing so, they will receive materials enabling further toilets to be built.  In total, local teams will build 24 toilets  in 12 villages. 
By funding just 2 toilets for each of Rambutsos 12 villages, this project delivers sanitation to more people than Wateraid in 2014 at an estimated one tenth of the cost.
FOR will help broker an agreement so that the original Rambutso workshop participants can be hired by the Provincial Government to share their skills with all other Manus communities.  In this way, an initial focus on toilets for Rambutso (6% of the provincial population) is leveraged to achieve 100% coverage of the province. 
Very little happens at a province wide level in PNG: this would be a major achievement. 
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Manly Women's Shelter: Winter Wonderland 2016

Purchase tickets online.
Ticket prices range from $150 per individual to $1,500 for a table of 10.
The keynote speaker will be Rosie Batty, 2015 Australian of the Year and Domestic Violence Campaigner.
Further details can be found online:
Manly Women's Shelter: Winter Wonderland 2016 Jacqueline Linnane 2016-04-17 14:00:00Z 0
LAST CALL: Rotary Changeover Dinner - TOMORROW Jacqueline Linnane 2016-04-17 14:00:00Z 0

District Assembly

Posted by Maggie Shanahan
Enza, Terry, John S, Jackie, Robert and I spent a very interesting and motivating day at the King’s School Parramatta on Saturday.
Apart from the normal Rotary presentations telling us we need to attract new, young members and to look after them, without telling us how to do this we did gain some really valuable insights.
Enza, Jackie and I attended the PR presentation. Evan Burrell from Turramurra Club opened the door for us to the world of social media. We left convinced that social media will be our saviour in attracting new members and informing the community of our activities.
Maggie has enrolled in a course being run by Evan in July, Social Media and Rotary.  I look forward to working with Jackie and Enza to ensure we grow in numbers and spirit using social media effectively.
Nick Farr Jones closed the Assembly with a stunning presentation. He shared with us his insights on leadership, team building and the importance of procedure. He emphasised the importance of team spirit, ensuring everyone is working together for a common goal. His managing partner explained to him at the start of his legal career that in any group there are “finders, binders, minders and grinders”. That we each have to be aware of the contribution we can best make to the task at hand and then surround ourselves with the other skills to enable us to do what we do, well.
Nick emphasised the importance of process. He believes if you get the process right, the rest will fall into place. He said that was the secret of the Wallaby’s success under his captaincy. He feels that until you have everyone involved believing in the process you’re following you can’t expect to succeed.
We left the presentation inspired, and full of delicious food.
District Assembly Maggie Shanahan 2016-04-17 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly -Meeting 10th April 2016

Guest Speaker, Bashim Alsnsari recipient of Rotary Scholarship
Returning guest speaker Bashim Alsnsari spoke about his PhD progress, which involved a joint study by Rotary Health, Rotary Club of Manly, Royal Far West Scheme and the Medical Faculty Sydney University.
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Manly Scenic Fun Run and Walk - 22nd May 2016

22nd MAY 2016
ROTARY CLUB OF MANLY is pround to hold its  7th Annual Manly Scenic Fun Run and Walk
Helping and making a difference in the community
Early Bird prices available up to 12th May 2016.
Manly Scenic Fun Run and Walk - 22nd May 2016 2016-04-05 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly -Meeting 28th March 2016

Rotary Club of Campbelltown, SA
Visiting Rotarian Paul Trotter described the work of his Club. Campbelltown SA Rotary has 77 members and is the biggest club in District 9520. It is 50 years old. Their main fund raiser is a monthly shed sale run from a shed owned by the club built on council land. The Rotary Club earns about $5000 per month from its shed sale. 

Paul noted that the Campbelltown area has a large population of Italian descent. The Club runs an annual Italian marquee wine sale from which they raise about $15,000. 
Guest Speaker, Emma Watson - RYLA
Our speaker this morning was Emma Watson. Emma is studying Social Work at UNSW, she is a Rover representing her crew at state and national levels. Emma’s enthusiasm for the 
RYLA camp was wonderful to see. Although she knew several people who had attended RYLA she had no idea what to expect. 
Emma was delighted at the leadership training she experienced, the public speaking skills she developed and the general increase in self- confidence she gained.  She gathered valuable insights into team building and learned how to handle frustrations when things don’t go as planned. She really values these new skills.
Emma had the opportunity to exercise her RYLA skills when she organised the NSW State Rover Ball. It was a sold out success! She has been elected Chairman of the Sydney North 
Regional Rover Council in this role she will be responsible for running the Region of Sydney North with over 200 rovers! She commented that RYLA gave her the ability to take on this 
President Enza thanked Emma. Following the presentation all members were convinced of the value of the RYLA camp.
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Rotary Clubof Manly meeting 23rd February 2016

Rotary Club of Manly
23 February 2016

Special Guest: Barry Teren, Rotarian from the Gold Coast and Lindsay May (also guest speaker), Rotarian and Director of Membership for our District 9685
The Rotary Picnic was canceled due to bad weather forecast and has been rescheduled to Sunday,20 March 2016. PP Douglas Miller has confirmed booking at Manly Dam. Details will be forwarded to everyone.
Robert Jones is organizing the washing and painting of the kitchen and dining area walls at Mission Australia House, Fairlight street, Manly, Tuesday the 1st of March to wash down the walls and Tuesday the 8th March for painting.
PP Douglas Miller, Neil Austin, Robert Jones, John Pack and President Enza have volunteered for both days to try and get the work finished.
New member pin: President Enza presented President Maggie with a new member Rotary pin for introducing a new member to our club, Tracy Rushmer.

Ted announced that the Royal Far West scholarship has been approved for Basim AIAnsar and he will be undertaking his research in the University Of Sydney medical school.
We will once again be having the Manly Scenic Fun Run and Walk organised by The Rotary Club of Manly  on22nd May 2016, Starting on the Corso.  
Mayor Jean Hay will be starting the event at 8am. Clarke and Humel Properties will be our major sponsor for the Fun Run.
Early Bird rates apply till the 12th May 2016.  Come and take advantage of the great prices.
*Meeting with Mayor Jean Hay,
Mayor Hay also brought along a present given to her by The Rotary Club of Manly in 1971 in honour of the clubs fifty year anniversary in Australia.
Today’s speaker was Lindsay May who gave a very detailed description of the 2015 Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Lindsay had been in many, if not all, the races to date. He gave very detailed descriptions of the perils and risks involved in the race and the yacht he was crewing on (Brindabella), which was forced to retire after about 100 miles. (They were one of numerous retirements). 

The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is an annual event hosted by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, starting in Sydney, New South Wales on Boxing Day and finishing in Hobart, Tasmania. The race distance is approximately 630 nautical miles (1,170 km). The race is run in co-operation with the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, and is widely considered to be one of the most difficult yacht races in the world. The race was initially planned to be a cruise by Peter Luke and some friends who had formed a club for those who enjoyed cruising as opposed to racing, however when a visiting British Royal Navy Officer, Captain John Illingworth, suggested it be made a race, the event was born.
The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race has grown over the decades, since the inaugural race in 1945, to become one of the top three offshore yacht races in the world, and it now attracts maxi yachts from all around the globe. The 2004 race marked the 60th running of the event.

In 2006, Love & War, owned by Peter Kurts and skippered by Lindsay May, won the race overall (IRC Handicap) in a corrected time of 3 days, 22 hours 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Love & War became only the second yacht to win the race three times (1974, 1978 and 2006). Lindsay gave us all a wonderful insight by way of his presentation to see the conditions at sea and the  landmarks that the racing boats encounter that one would not normally see on the news coverage.

Veronica thanked Lindsay and advised that our Club would make a donation to Rotary Foundation in his name.
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Meeting 16th February

Rotary Club of Manly
16 February 2016 Meeting
Special Guest: Barry Teren, Rotarian from the Gold Coast

This week’s meeting was an assembly.

Rotary Club of Manly

Upcoming Presdent-elect Training Seminar (PETS)
District Governor-elect Bruce Lakin has announced this year's PETS training will be held at:
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
99 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park.
Training will be on the ground floor of Building Stage 5, and is only a short walk from the car parking area. Rotarians will be on hand at the entry boom gate and to direct you to car parking.

Registrations will be open from 8.00am, with the program starting at 9.00am.

Community News
Robert Jones will be coordinating the team responsible for delivering the final stage of Mission Australia house (washing down and painting of walls at the Mission Australia kitchen). 
Volunteers are required, so if you are available please contact Robert Jones.

RESCHEDULED - Fellowship
Club members are advised that the Picnic at Manly Dam on Sunday the 28th February 2016 will be rescheduled at a date to be determined due to the rainy weather outlook.
Manly Scenic Fun Run and Walk
22nd May 2016 - Early Bird rates apply up to 12th May 2016.


Manly Council has notified the Club of its plan to remove the fountain in Gilbert Park.
President Enza informed the club of the removal of the fountain from Gilbert Park and the installation of a garden plaque to recognize the past and ongoing contribution of Manly Rotarians the community. Wording has been sourced from Council’s local history librarian, who has the history held in the library.
We have been advised that a time capsule is within the structure, so if the members are approving for this removal Manly Council  will remove the fountain structure, search for it.  If located within, the time capsule will be returned with great interest to Manly Rotary.

Jackie Linnane handed round to club members notes on how to join Facebook.  Thank you, Jackie. Jackie is looking after our club Facebook page and is working with Tom Shanahan and Andrea Hogan on our Fun Run Facebook page.
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Meeting 9th February 2016

Rotary Club of Manly
9 February 2016 Meeting
Co-president Maggie Shanahan opened meeting at 7 a.m.
Janice Shipway, Rotarian from South Africa
Gudrun Walla, Rotarian from Sweden
Barry Teren, Rotarian from the Gold Coast
Vivien Coulson updated the Club as to the progress on Mission Australia. She explained that small projects take as much time as big ones. The last stage of Mission Australia project is to wash and paint the walls in the kitchen area. Robert Jones to coordinate 2 volunteers to wash the walls and 2 volunteers to paint. Please advise Robert if you are interested i n volunteering.
It was agreed that our next Fellowship function would be at Manly Dam. Sunday February 28th 2016. BYO food and drink, all family and friends welcome
Registration has commenced, participants have started to    register, and The Rotary Club of Manly looks forward to another great Fun Run on the 22nd May 2016.
Andrea received reports from the students we sponsored - Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment (RYPEN)
Awesome weekend in the holidays for two Year 10 students!
Rotarian from South Africa
Janice is visiting us from the Hilton & Howick Rotary Club District 9370 near Pietermaritzbury in South Africa. Janice is the President of a small club of 14 and has been staing with her daughter at Fairlight. District 9370 has 200 clubs
Janice’s Rotary Club does not have much money, many as most club members are retired and it is very difficult to raise money as people in the area are very poor and have no money.  The grandparents raise the children in mud huts and squatter camps, children looking after children as the adults go to the cities in search of work, Janice told us the story of a little girl who had her nose chewed by a rat and had an operation only to be bitten off again.
Another huge problem is the adults living with AIDS and not wanting to reveal it because of the shame and stigma and therefore not receiving the appropriate care and education.
The Club has previously funded childcare centres. Unfortunately they cannot assist with many improvements, otherwise the centres will be taken over and all the improvements will go to someone else. They have also provided 150 Christmas hampers where people donate and they put the hampers together and distribute. Big vegetable gardens and fences, they also put on a Rotary Health day where the staff donates their time for 3 days. These days include immunizations.  The club does also Youth Exchange.
Janice talked about the population of South Africa and noting that 30% of South Africa’s population is from 0 to 24 years of age.
One of the biggest problems for South Africa is that the municipal has no money and therefore can not provide services to their area. 
In the education sector South Africa is placed on the world forum for Maths and Science at 148 with 148 countries, the worst performing country.
Private schools currently cost the approximately $15,000 (Australian) per year and a good public school $1000 per year. Janice has asked our club if would consider sponsoring young students to Rotary Club of Port Elizabeth, Entrepreneurial course for deserving students approximately $200 per child.
We wish Janice all the very best on her return and look forward to seeing her here when she visits her family next.
Visiting Rotarian Gudrun Walla of Sweden spoke of her textile business. We were treated to some of her wonderful work.
The meeting closed at 8 am.
Followed by coffee at Fusion.
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Meeing 2nd February 2016

Rotary Club of Manly 
2 February 2016 Meeting
  • Janice Shipway Rotarian from South Africa
  • Gudrun Walla Rotarian from Sweden
  • Pat Todd Rotarian from USA
  • Robyn Waters, the much better half of Member Ted Waters
FUN RUN - 22nd May 2016
Our Major fund raiser.  Registrations opened 6th February.  Early bird rates apply please see for details.
GUEST SPEAKER - Pat Todd, visitng Rotarian from Connecticut, USA
Visiting Rotarian Pat Todd spoke on the history of her club and the different projects Pat’s club is or has undertaken.
One project that Pat is passionate about is raising funds for Kidney Cancer Research. With Pat and a friend organising two-piano concerts across the USA to raise funds for Kidney Cancer Research.
Pat also spoke on Donald Trump phenomenon as he is a strong contender as the Republican nominee for President. He has touched on a number of issues that concern Americans, including immigration issues and political correctness. Pat also spoke of the frustrations experienced by many Americans when considering the future outlook of their political system, which has in previous years been paralysed by gridlock. A very interesting and informative talk on the American political system.
Visiting Rotarians Janice Shipway South Africa and Gudrun Walla Sweden spoke of the history of their clubs and the projects they are undertaking. They also spoke of the issues facing their communities at present including the economic toll of the AIDS epidemic and refugees. It is always interesting to hear the history and projects from overseas Rotary Clubs.
Andrea Hogan reports on Manly Rotary's nominees for the Rotary Youth Leadersheap Awards (RYLA) and the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN):
I’ve had excellent feedback from our participants who attended both RYLA and RYPEN recently.
Emma Watson who attended RYLA has offered to come back and speak to Rotary about her experience. An extract of her email reflecting on her week is below;
After I saw you at the Formal Dinner on the Tuesday night of RYLA, we did so much at the camp in such little time. It just kept getting better and better. There were many speakers, though the one I found the most interesting was Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace. She is in charge of the gang squad in Western Sydney. She was such a fantastic speaker, and I was captivated by her for her entire time section.
As part of the fines committee, we auctioned off people’s lost property that got left behind after sessions, which results in many laughs, and then someone paid $100 for one can of energy drink. We ended up raising just over $3000 for Bear Cottage which was great!
Some of the activities definitely tested our skills and patience. I found that I learnt the most from these sessions where I struggled rather than those I excelled at. I feel like over the entire week I developed a lot more self confidence in my ability, which has already helped me afterwards!
In addition last week two year 9 girls from Stella Maris attended the RYPEN weekend they returned full of praise for the course and I’ve been promised a written update from the girls by the head of Year 9 who was extremely grateful to have had the girls the opportunity.
Meeing 2nd February 2016 2016-02-13 13:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Manly gifts Manly Womens Shelter - Christmas Hamper 2016-01-10 13:00:00Z 0


Thank You from Presidents Maggie and Enza 
A very big thank you to Vivien Coulson for all the hours needed to organize the renovation of the bench top and the cleaning of the kitchen at Mission Australia, Fairlight Street, Manly and for the long day that Vivien put in on Saturday.  Geoff worked tirelessly as a number of surprises kept coming his way, also to Steven a resident at Mission Australia who helped with the heavy lifting and a big thank you to everyone from our great club that helped: Jason Kioko, John Warren, David Park and Andrea Hogan.  It was a pleasure to be part of the team too. 
Nex week Vivien together with Geoff will be moving the bench top in the dinning area to the side of the room in order to  make the dinning area a larger and more spacious environment for the residents. Vivien will also be organising replacing the old and very worn lino in the kitchen and dinning room, this will give the kitchen and the dining room and very pleasant area for the residents to be able to cook and enjoy their meals in.

Rotary Club of Manly - Meeting 1st December 2015

Rotary Club of Manly
1 December 2015
Visiting Guests: Anna Horowitz, Raphael McGowan from the Clontarf Foundation, 2 teachers and 10 students from Wagga Wagga.
Guest speakersGloria Larman, CEO, and Dennis Van Someren, volunteer, from Shine for Kids Foundation
Gloria Larman and Dennis Van Someren spoke about the services offered by the SHINE for Kids Foundation. SHINE supports the children of those incarcerated, on the basis that the children suffer significantly whilst they have not committed any offense.  Gloria advised that five percent of all Australian children experience parental incarceration, and approximately 60,000 children in Australia have a parent in prison.  
SHINE supports childcare facilities near prisons and focuses on mentoring children so they are able to form positive relationships within the community.  
Rotarian Stephen Russell advised that the court system does not consider the effects sentencing an adult might have on their children.  There are many families from across the socioeconomic spectrum who are affected by an incarcerated parent, ranging from white collar crimes committed to violent crimes. SHINE provides support for children irrespective of the type of crime committed by a parent. 
Dennis spoke with great passion from his experience as a the child of a parent incarcerated and the impact that it had on his life.  This was the driving reason that he now mentors young people and volunteers his time with SHINE. He advises children affected by parents who have incarcerated to 'keep on going.'
Raphael introduced 10 junior students from Wagga Wagga along with staff who are currently visiting Manly as a reward for their attendance rates at school in Wagga Wagga.  One of the mentoring staff members originally from Wagga Wagga had been a Junior player with Manly Warringah and had lived at Collaroy during his stay here.  He is now back in Wagga Wagga supporting students in the Clontarf Foundation as a student mentor.
PP Ted Waters excelled as the Sergeant. Of note was the cross fine for PP John Pack for his assistance in the Christmas Hamper packing at Blackmores in Mona Vale, along with PP David Brown and PP Ken Hopley.
PP David Brown has chalked up 35 years organising the packing, on his advice.  It was noted that PP David Park, present at the meeting, had started the program in his year as President in 1980-81.
***PLEASE NOTE our final meeting for 2015 will be 15 December. We will resume after the Christmas break on 12 January 2016.
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Rotary Meeting 23rd November 2015

Guest speaker: Sam Crawford
Sam's company is  Online Consulting
Sam's was a most unexpected and enlightening talk about his journey through addiction to recovery, small businessman, husband and father. Sam described himself as a recovering addict and noted the opposite of addiction is connection. Sam came from a loving family although he had always had difficulty making friends. Sam only turned to drugs after he left school. He found drugs helped to make him feel more included.
He studied music following school, but he realised he was relying on drugs and alcohol. He noted his ability to contribute to society was fading at this time, however he didn't believe he was an alcoholic. He was diagnosed bipolar in 1998, the bipolar diagnosis enabled him to complete his music degree, it explained why he was feeling the way he was.
Sam entered rehab in 2007 and began to repair his life. 
Sam now employs staff in India and the Philipines, he also employs IT support  contractors. He has clients in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. He provides recycled computers to alcoholics who are recently out of rehabilitation. He provides IT assistance to Pioneer Clubhouse. His whole approach to life revolves around helping!
He now knows that he has to eat, sleep and exercise well and appropriately if he is to keep his bipolar under control.
Sam worked on our Fun Run and the Schizophrenia Fellowship Wellness Walk with Douglas. He is now very close to his parents speaking with them daily.
He is a father and he and his wife are expecting their second child.
Douglas Miller thanked Sam for coming and sharing his inspiring story.
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Meeting 17th NOVEMBER 2015

Guest speaker and visitor: Raphael McGowan, The Clontarf Foundation

Ralphael is the community partnerships at The Clontarf Foundation. The Clontarf Foundation was established in 2000 by the current Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, Gerard Neesham, who has been a teacher, the WA Institute of Sport Water polo coach, the Freemantle Dockers Football Club Coach. Gerard established the foundation to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men. Gerard aimed to equip participants to participate more meaningfully in society.

Since opening its first Academy for 25 boys in 2000, the Foundation has grown to cater for almost 4,000 boys in 68 schools across Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Each activity in the Academy covers five learning areas:

  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Well-Being
  • Sport
  • Employment

All work of the Foundation aims to develop a pathway to meaningful employment through exposure to a variety of industries and contributing to the community. The program also provides support beyond school.

The Foundation is an outcomes based program, with the following measures:

  • Year to year retention – average 90%
  • Attendance – average 80%
  • Number of boys in Year 12 – 340 in 2015 and a projected 460 in 2016
  • Health – 76% of students completed health checks in 2014 
  • 80% of graduates remain engaged in employment or further training/ study after 12 months of leaving school

Annual income and expenditure

The Clontarf Foundation is funded in three equal portions from the Federal Government, relevant State/ Territory Governments and the private/ philanthropic sector with operating revenue of $28.3 million in 2015.

Experience indicates one Clontarf Academy is needed for every 3,000 Indigenous persons. This suggests that 166 Academies are needed across Australia, currently there are 61 Academies Australia wide.


In order to implement the Foundation plan and utilise the Federal and State funds on offer, by 2018 Clontarf needs to increase the current level of recurrent private sector funding by $8 million per annum to $16 million.

Academy students will assist us as marshals for Fun Run this year. Thank you, Raphael!

Meeting 17th NOVEMBER 2015 Enza Prestipino 2015-11-22 13:00:00Z 0

The Rotary Club of Manly meeting 10th November 2015

President Enza reported on the Manly Council’s 50 year celebration for Meals on Wheels which she attended together with John Pack and David Park and the recognition that was given to The Rotary Club of Manly for their role in commencing Meals on Wheels in Manly together with the Senior Citizens Club 50 years ago.
Rotarian John Pack represented The Rotary Club of Manly at the Manly Council’s Remembrance Day Ceremony on the 11th 
November 2015.
John took along former RAF Captain Jock Ross DFC ( a former Rotary Club of Manly member also) who turns 96 in December. 
Jock flew more than 30 missions over Germany as a bomber pilot. He was number one Qantas Pilot, flew the Queen etc  Still does the Herald Cryptic each morning.  A really great person.
John and Jock attended morning tea afterwards with Mayor Jean Hay AM.
John Pack placed a book on the Cenotaph on behalf of the Rotary Club of Manly. Balgowlah Rotary, Manly Lions and many other Clubs also laid wreaths or books.
The book John laid was called “World War One –History in 100 Stories”.  John attached a Rotary Club card and also had the inscription  “In Remembrance---Rotary Club of Manly 11-11-2015” printed inside.
President Maggie introduced our guest speaker Clinical Associate Professor Nick Dorsch and his presentation on Polio Plus. Professor Nick Dorsch is a member of The Rotary Club of Chatswood.
Clinical Associate Professor Nick Dorsch graduated in medicine from the University of Sydney in 1965. After three years at Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney, he moved to England for surgical training with the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. He has worked at the Royal Prince Alfred, St George and Westmead Hospitals. He chaired the department of neurosurgery at Westmead from 1996 until he retired in 2007. He has also taught neurosurgery and general patient 
care in Indonesia. He has extensive clinical and research experience with over 200 meeting presentations and 350 publications. In 1986 he was elected Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and in 1993 he was appointed Clinical Associate Professor, Sydney University. Professor Dorsch is a board member and spokesperson for The Brain Foundation. 
Professor Nick Dorsch spoke on the history of Polio worldwide and the effects that contracting Polio had on many people. He showed pictures of how the disease was treated using iron lungs. The history of poliomyelitis (polio) infections extends into prehistory. 
Professor Nick Dorsch also spoke about the need of Late Onset of Polio treatment and the symptoms of polio patients, as if he or she is going through the disease once again and the need for doctors to be able to recognize and treat patients.
Our own Rotarian John Pack is a survivor of Polio.
November also heralds the start of our Late Onset Polio Seminars for health professionals that Rotary is holding in conjunction with Polio Australia, with the first of these taking place in Narrabeen on 19 November followed closely by Ryde on the 26th and North Sydney on 8 December.   Rotary is planning 10 of these seminars throughout our District between now and April, and it is likely that the program will then be rolled out to other Districts in Australia and possibly overseas.  Thank you to all clubs who have forwarded your $250 contribution towards holding our seminars.  I ask those clubs who haven’t yet sent the donation to do so as soon as you are able.  This will help offset some of the costs associated with running the program.
Meeting closed and 8am.
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Copy of Rotary Club of Manly Meeting 3rd November 2015

Rotary Club of Manly Bulletin
3rd November 2015
Editor Tracy Rushmer
Co-president Maggie opened the meeting at 7am, and led the affirmation and Toast to Australia
“We give thanks for food, friends, fellowship and the opportunity to serve through Rotary”
Welcomed special guests: Lynn and Gaston Peter-Contesse - Rotary Club Kitsap Peninsula, Washington State USA and 
Yvonne Andre and Keith Price from Rotary Club from Campbell River, Vancouver Island, Canada "Rotary City".
Visitors: Lynn and Gaston Peter-Contesse
                  Yvonne Andre
                  Keith Price
The visitors are on a Fellowship Exchange program with North American Rotary clubs from Kitsap Peninsula (near Seattle), Washington State; and Campbell River on Vancouver Island.
President Maggie address the Rotary Club of Manly
Passing of Peter White
Our condolences to the family of past Rotarian Peter White, Peter joined the
Manly Rotary Club in 1983 and served for many years as Treasurer and was very
involved in the Red Sheild Appeal run by the Salvation Army. Our thoughts are with all his family.
John Pack gave a talk on the Manly Council’s celebration for the Senior Citizens Center and our clubs long history (50 years) with the Senior Citizens Center and explained how the Rotary Club of Manly was involved in the building of the Senior Citizens Center and in starting the Meals on Wheels program which is run by the Manly Council together with the Senior Citizens Center, celebration to be be held on Thursday November 5th.
PP Terry Joesph Kennedy talked about the Rotary Centurion Program and ridding the world of Polio included the Director General’s comments. Terry  passed around the Centurion Money Box to members, the money box is designed to be filled with two dollar coins and when full given back to Terry, the money will be  donated to the Centurion program.   Enza helped distribute!
PP Terry Kennedy requested we advertise that we are looking for applicants for the Rotary Peace Fellowship and the Rotary District Global Fellowship. Information on our website
Maggie Shanahan read out the thank you card and note from our District Governor Gina Growden, which thanked us for her visit.
President Maggie Shanahan’s son in law has been very kind in donating a laptop to Josie’s charity  "Single Mums".
SPEAKERS: Gaston Peter-Contesse and Keith Price
We had Gaston Peter-Contesse from Kitsap Peninsula, Washington State, USA described his club and program from us. 
  • 130 members
  • Use an annual Auction to raise funds (~100K/year)
  • Purple Pinkie for Polio (adopt for our club?)
  • Transitional Housing for women in domestic violent situations
Keith  PRICE (Agronomist and Algologist) spoke about their Rotary Club in Campbell River, Vancouver Island, Canada. “Rotary City” with two Rotary clubs
  • 92 members
  • Activities make up the Campbell River city: Pool, Seawalk, Unwed Mothers program and housing, bridge.
  • Also use an annual Auction (TV though) to raise funds (~100K/year)
  • Pumpkins for Polio (carved pumpkins are sold)

Copy of Rotary Club of Manly Meeting 3rd November 2015 Enza Prestipino 2015-11-07 13:00:00Z 0
District 9685 The Presidents' Christmas Dinner 2015-11-03 13:00:00Z 0


District Governor (DG) Gina addressed the club.
Gina has adopted a hectic schedule for her year as DG undertaking to visit each club in the District during her year. We are the sixty first club she has 
visited in the district which has a total of 74 clubs. Gina saw the value of club visits by the DG when she accompanied her husband, PDG Harold Sharp in his year as District Governor.
Gina spoke fondly of her association with Manly Sunrise and was particularly complementary of PP Terry Kennedy’s work with the club during his year as president. She spoke of this year’s Rotary theme “be a gift to the world” and it’s meaning to us all. In selecting this theme Ravi Ravindran, President Rotary 
International, is seeking to share with others the benefits and gifts Rotary has given its members. Ravi sees how these gifts have made us better people, who want to make a positive difference to our world, he aims to encourage all Rotarians to go the extra mile to make the difference. 
Gina discussed the challenges facing Rotary clubs today especially the aging and dwindling membership. To maintain membership at current levels each club needs to induct 3 members per year. She suggested that clubs might benefit from bringing back the fundamentals that had shaped Rotary including bringing 
back the classification system and avenues of service. Gina suggested seeking a mix of members to cover a diverse range of interests and skills to build a vibrant membership. She noted that apart from finding new members' clubs need to look after existing members. There needs to be a renewed focus on 
retention by looking after the Rotary family.  She suggested clubs should consider mentoring or a buddy system to ensure all members are aware of what it means to be a Rotarian and to feel a sense of belonging. District 9685 is moving with the times.
Women comprise 24% of its membership but only 21% worldwide. Unfortunately District 9685 also inducted 259 new members but lost 269 last year! Gina encouraged members to contribute to the Rotary Foundation and introduced the Foundation “Piggy Bank” to the club as a means of encouraging regular small contributions by individual members to the Foundation. The coin banks will be distributed on PP Terry’s return. 
Gina encourages local clubs to work together on projects and fundraising ensuring clubs share their skills and capacity to enable all clubs to achieve their goals irrespective of size. She suggested joint projects and meetings to assist with the viability of smaller clubs. She noted that the overriding goal of all clubs 
needs to be to provide fellowship and enjoyment to members. 
Following Gina’s talk PDG Harold spoke on the 2016 District Conference. Harold is Conference Director next year. The conference will be held in Canberra from March 16-18. The program runs for one and a half days commencing with a dinner on Friday night, leaving time for sightseeing on Sunday afternoon.
Early bird bookings are open and will finish on November 30.


The Rotary Peace Fellowship is the premier educational program of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and supports Rotary’s mission to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace. It is intended for individuals, who have chosen a career related to international relations, peace, and conflict resolution; who have work experience in these areas; and who have a commitment to community or international humanitarian service and working for peace. Applicants should consider these objectives carefully before applying.


The purpose of the Global Grant Scholarship program is to support international study at post graduate level.  
Rotary District 9685 supports the Global Grant Scholarship Program of The Rotary Foundation and will offer one Global Grant Scholarship in 2016. This scholarship program is funded by a District 9685 grant of US$15,000 which is matched by the Rotary Foundation providing a scholarship to the total value of US$30,000.
ROTARY DISTRICT 9685 ROTARY GLOBAL GRANT SCHOLARSHIP IN 2016 Jacqueline Linnane 2015-10-25 13:00:00Z 0


Tracy is an Associate Professor at Macquarie University. Tracy’s work focuses on the evolution of planetary bodies, particularly on differentiation, which is the fundamental mechanism by which the terrestrial planets evolve through time. Tracy approaches research in this area by integrating experimental, theoretical and numerical studies of partial melting, thermal evolution and geo-dynamic processes as a means to understand fully the consequences of major differentiation events.
MANLY ROTARY'S NEWEST MEMBER: TRACY RUSHMER Jacqueline Linnane 2015-10-25 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly Community Services and Pride of Workmanship Award Evening

The Rotary Club of Manly recognizing exceptional people and organizations  in our community
Community Care Northern Beaches - Fiona Winters
Frances O'Loughlin - Royal Far West
Tibetan Settlement Program - Rigzin Yuthok
Larry Smith
Sally Webb
Homes For Heroes - Adrian Talbott
Among the special guest were Mayor Jean Hay and husband David Hay
District Governor Gina Growden and husband Harold Sharp atteding the evening seen with PP Veronica Hopley and PP Ken Hopley.
Rotary Club of Manly Community Services and Pride of Workmanship Award Evening 2015-10-20 13:00:00Z 0


Sydney Rotary member among six ‘Global Women of Action’ recognized at the United Nations 
Lucy Hobgood-Brown of the Rotary e-Club of Greater Sydney will be honored for her exemplary dedication to improving the lives of others through volunteer service.
Lucy Hobgood-Brown will be named one of six Rotary ‘Global Women of Action’  during the humanitarian service organization’s annual Rotary Day at the United Nations on Nov. 7, which will include high-level UN speakers and a look at the lasting improvements the honorees have made in the lives and communities they serve.   
“I am honored to represent Australian Rotary clubs as well as share good news stories about the Democratic Republic of Congo, where I grew up and where my work is focused,” says Hobgood-Brown, adding, “I also love raising awareness of the contributions being made by Congolese migrants to Australia.”  
A community development consultant who is the co-founder of HandUp Congo, a small non-profit that seeks to promote sustainable community-driven poverty initiatives, Hobgood-Brown works closely with Sub Saharan African Rotary clubs and Congolese project partners to positively impact the lives of  people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  
 “Every day at Rotary I see first-hand how our members work to change lives and make significant impact around the world,” said Rotary International President K.R.  Ravindran. “Through hard work, dedication and selflessness, Rotary’s ‘Global Woman of Action’ are tackling some of the most difficult global problems. Each of these women truly embody Rotary’s motto, ‘Service Above Self’, and I extend my warmest congratulations to them for their outstanding service to humanity.”
Since its founding more than 100 years ago, Rotary harnesses the strength of professional and community leaders to tackle humanitarian challenges at home and abroad. Today, Rotary provides a platform for successful men and women of all ethnicities, faiths and cultures to make the world a better place through volunteer service.
Copy of DISTICT NEWS Jacqueline Linnane 2015-10-18 13:00:00Z 0


Guest Speaker Dr Penny Farrant presented with the audio visual of life on board the International Space Station and a personally narrated 
video by NASA US astronaut Greg Chamitoff.
Gregory Errol Chamitoff is an engineer and NASA astronaut. He was assigned to Expedition 17 and flew to the International Space Station on STS-
124, launching 31 May 2008.
Born: August 6, 1962 (age 53), Montreal, Canada Space missions: STS-127, Expedition 18, STS-126, STS-134, STS-124, Dr Greg Chamitoff, Endeavour's last flight, in May 2011, was an exciting and ambitious mission that carried critical spare equipment to the International Space Station and installed one of the great new observatories, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS).
Greg performed key operations with the Shuttle and Station Robotic Arms to install this particle physics detector that studies background cosmic radiation for clues to solve some of the key remaining questions of how the Universe was formed. Greg also completed two of the four spacewalks on the mission, the last of which marked the completion of International Space Station assembly.
As the space shuttle program comes to an end, Greg will takes you on a journey through space, bringing the International Space Station and the Endeavour to life through first-hand experience, photos and high-definition video.
Greg Chamitoff was born in Montreal, Canada. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, a M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Caltech, a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, and a M.S. degree in Space Science from the University of Houston Clearlake.
While at Cal Poly, he developed a self-guided robot for his senior thesis, and was forever hooked on the prospects of automatic control and autonomous systems. Later at MIT and Draper Labs, he worked on the control analysis for robotic deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope, designed attitude control software upgrades for the Space Shuttle, and developed reconfigurable control strategies for the Space Station. His doctoral thesis was on a new method for robust flight control of hypersonic vehicles.
From 1993 to 1995, Greg was a visiting lecturer at the University of Sydney, where he taught courses in flightdynamics and control, and led a research group in the development of flight control techniques for autonomous aircraft. In 1995, he joined Mission Operations at the Johnson Space Center, where he developed software applications for spacecraft attitude control monitoring,prediction, analysis, and maneuver optimization. He was selected by NASA as an astronaut candidate in 1998 and began training toward a future spaceflight assignment.
He served as a Mission Specialist on the last flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour, STS-134. During this mission, he performed operations with the Shuttle and Station Robotic Arms, including the installation of a pallet of spare equipment (ELC-3) and a particle physics observatory called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), which holds great promise for fundamental breakthroughs in our understanding of the Universe. He also performed two spacewalks, the last of which marked the completion of Space Station assembly and was the final spacewalk of the Space Shuttle Program.
In total,Greg has logged over 198 days in space.
A truly amazing and interesting story.


Fiona Phipps Manager Disability Services at RFW outlined for us how the National Disability Insurance Scheme will operate. It is a huge change for the disability 
sector it provides funds for 0-65 year olds who have a significant function  impairment in one or more domains.
Fiona described the difficulties that were encountered when the NDIS was first announced. No planning had been done! Fiona likened the process of establishing 
the NDIS to, "building the plane whilst flying". It's now known the scheme covers all Australians between the ages 0-65 who have a disability. It covers not just congenital conditions but also abnormalities acquired 
through illness and accident.
Traditional block funding of providers will cease from July 2018 and the sector is moving into an open marketplace. The NDIS allocates funds to clients/patients with chronic conditions following diagnosis. Under the NDIS clients access the services they choose, tailoring the program they believe will suit them best using the funds they have been allocated. The scheme relies on participants being able to manage the treatment regime of their condition themselves. 
The NDIS is a functional model, measuring progress and achievement of clients as they participate in their chosen program. No guidance regarding the assessment of progress was included in the NDIS guidelines although the program must include goals and measures of achievement. 
Rollout will start in NSW IN July 2017 with full implementation from July 2018. Fiona also provided a very brief overview of Windmill Program that is the disability specific service RFW is rolling out from November that allows families who receive the BetterStart and Helping Children with Autism ($12,000 from diagnosis to aged 7 purchase individual intensive services from RFW. 
Maggie thanked Fiona for an excellent and informative presentation.
Copy of GUEST SPEAKER: FIONA PHIPPS ON NDIS ROLLOUT Jacqueline Linnane 2015-10-11 13:00:00Z 0


Terry and Janet, Enza, John Pack, Neil, David, and John and Maggie, met on Thursday night to staple and bundle the Trifecta tickets. 1000 tickets were distributed to members for selling at this morning’s meeting. David Park is organising the selling. We need everyone to sell!
All tickets must be sold before the Melbourne Cup is run on 3 November.  Let David know when you can help. No Excuses!
TRIFECTA TICKETS FUNDRAISING Jacqueline Linnane 2015-10-05 13:00:00Z 0


Thirty people from the Law firm, K&L Gates, spent a day volunteering at Pioneer Clubhouse.  They worked in the garden and shared a barbeque lunch with Clubhouse members. It was a very positive experience for all involved Pioneer had the benefit of thirty people tidying up the garden for the day and the visitors had the opportunity to meet with Clubhouse members.
K&L GATES VOLUNTEER DAY AT PIONEER HOUSE Jacqueline Linnane 2015-10-05 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly Meeting: 15 September 2015

Rotary Club of Manly Bulletin
Editor Co-President Maggie Shanahan and Peter Sommer
President Enza opened the meeting at 7am.
PP Veronica Hopley led the affirmation.
Apologies were received from Ted Waters and David Park.
We welcomed Noel Phelan from the National Maritime Museum our speaker for the morning and Robert Jones.
Noel Phelan, Past President of Norhbridge Rotary Club and lead volunteer at the National Maritime Museum gave a fantastic talk on the collision between the Melbourne and the Voyager. He held everybody’s attention with his intimate knowledge of the facts and his insightful and informative comments on the events of the night and their ongoing impact on all those directly or indirectly involved or connected to the event. The destroyer HMAS Voyager collided with the much larger aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne in 1964 and cost 82 lives. With diagrams & pictures, Noel walked us through the 180 degree manoeuvre (turning the aircraft carrier into the wind) which led to the 3,500 ton destroyer being turned over & split in two by the 20,000 ton aircraft carrier, before sinking in nine minutes.  It was interesting to walk through the timeline of the relatively poor post-incident communications, as well as to hear examples of the poor (by today’s standards) treatment of the survivors.
The first Royal Commission blamed the Captain of the HMAS Melbourne, before new information caused the very rare event of a second Royal Commission. Finally the captain of HMAS Voyager was found “unfit to command” as he had ill-judged the turn. The Melbourne was involved in a similar incident in 1969 when forty ships were engaged in a naval exercise in the South China Sea. A warning had been issued that an accident similar to the Voyager disaster was possible. The accident did happen when the Melbourne collided with the Evans and cut it in half!
Noel’s talk held everyone’s attention. It was a most enlightening and informative talk. Thank you, Noel.
President Enza acknowledged the work of Tony Abbott who is an honorary member of our club. 
Andrea was welcomed as Co Director with Stuart for Youth. Andrea will join the Board.
PP Douglas reminded the club of the Wellness Walk being held on 11 October. President Enza is organising a club team and encouraged all members to join in the walk. She suggested that those members unable to walk might consider sponsoring the club team. 
Vivien gave an update on her work at Homes for Heroes. She has completed the refurbishment of three units. 
The raffle was drawn by Neil and Robert won. 
The meeting closed at 8am.
Rotary Club of Manly Meeting: 15 September 2015 Jacqueline Linnane 2015-09-14 14:00:00Z 0


Thank you for your recent gift to The Rotary Foundation.  By giving early in Rotary’s fiscal year, you lead the way for a strong year of funding community development projects around the world. 

We hope you enjoy this video, which illustrates how your giving empowers Rotarians to make make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in need.
END POLIO NOW Terry Kennedy 2015-09-14 14:00:00Z 0

From the Mouths of Babes

John and Maggie Shanahan's granddaughters have just returned from their school camp. They were asked for their thoughts on the camp.
Their younger granddaughter 8-year old Sarah, provided the following tips for campers. She thought they might give, particularly the female members, a bit of a giggle.
Please click below for these fantastic tips!
From the Mouths of Babes Maggie Shanahan 2015-09-14 14:00:00Z 0


Rotary is on the verge of eradicating a human disease for only the second time in our history after Small Pox.
Three decades ago Rotary shared its vision for a Polio-Free world; let’s make sure that vision becomes a reality today.  24th July 2015 marks one year since Nigeria last reported a Polio case caused by wild poliovirus, putting the country on the brink of eradicating the paralysing disease. Rotary have sent Africa on course for a Polio- Free future.
If no new cases are reported in the next two years, Nigeria along with the entire African continent will be certified Polio-Free. But we have not yet reached our goal of a Polio-Free world. Raising funds and awareness are more crucial than ever.
Rotary now need to continue the battle and intensify our efforts in supporting Pakistan and Afghanistan as the two remaining Polio-endemic countries to be Polio- Free. We know that Polio can easily return with devastating consequences if we don’t stamp it out NOW.
We must act, as Rotarians do, to build on the progress made and stop Polio once and for all. We have a narrow window of opportunity to achieve this, and if we fail we could witness up to 200,000 Polio cases a year in the near future. How as a Manly Rotarian can you assist in this most important final push to eradicate Polio from the world?

Rotary Club of Manly Meeting 8th September 2015

Rotary Club of Manly Bulletin
Editor President Enza Prestipino and PP George McLelland
GUEST SPEAKER - Basim Al Ansari
PP Terry Kennedy was in the chair in the absence of Presidents Enza and Maggie. 
Guests: Rotarian Rhianon Bunting, from the Rotary Club of Currumbin-Coolangatta, and our guest speaker, Basim Al Ansari, our joint PhD 
health scholarship recipient.
Rotary Club of Manly Meeting 8th September 2015 Jacqueline Linnane 2015-09-07 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Manly Meeting 18th August 2015

President Maggie opened meeting at 7am 
Guest Speaker – Frank Prestipino
Frank is the former CEO and President of the International College of Management Sydney, (ICMS). Frank’s career has spanned, Marketing, IT, Business Strategy Development and Executive Management in a diverse range of industries all over the world. His latest project is launching his own his own consulting company. 
Rotary Club of Manly Meeting 18th August 2015 2015-08-23 14:00:00Z 0

Club Meeting 28th July 2015

   Visitor: Robert Jones, Ted found a friend to bring along. Robert accepted that he was Ted’s only friend.
   Guest Speaker: Donna O’Dwyer Andrea Hogan introduced Donna.
Donna spoke about what she and her husband achieved at Chill Transport and Logistics refrigerated hire and rental company. Donna explained the company philosophy and values, ensuring all employees have opportunity to relax.
Donna stimulated discussion what Rotary needs to do to get younger members . Donna has helped our club with Social Media for our Fun Run and has committed to assist in the future, as her contribution to the Community through our Rotary Club 
Induction of our newest Rotarian Jacqueline Linnane. Jacqueline was inducted by President Enza with the usual Rotary ceremony.
Jacqueline was warmly welcomed and the members are looking forward in getting to know her.
Club Meeting 28th July 2015 2015-08-04 14:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker Ron Delizio - Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children Enza Prestipino 2015-07-21 14:00:00Z 0

Christmas In July Night

The Rotary Club of Manly fellowship night will be held on the 5th August 2015 with a evening at The International College of Management in the Great Hall.  Dinner consists of a 3 course meal with the Christmas in July theme.
Join us for a night full of fun and fellowship.
Christmas In July Night Enza Prestipino 2015-07-11 14:00:00Z 0

Northern Beaches Division of Sydney Legacy

On Saturday 27th June, members of local Rotary Clubs attended a luncheon at Palm Beach RSL hosted by Northern Beaches Division of Sydney Legacy. The luncheon was in recognition of the support of the local Rotary Clubs. 
PP Veronica Hopley RC Manly, P Peter Peine RC Pittwater, PDG John Lang RC Brookvale, PP Ken Hopley RC Manly, Legatee Tim Becker and Dr Vicki McGahey, PP RC Dee Why/Warringah.
Northern Beaches Division of Sydney Legacy 2015-07-08 14:00:00Z 0

Our Changeover 2015

Congratulations to Presidents Enza and Maggie on organising a great night
District Governor Elect Bruce Lakin spoke on recent achievements of the Manly Club in his reply to the toast to Rotary, delivered again by PP Ted Waters.
A highlight was also the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow award to Eli Demeny, who was suitably surprised.
Our Changeover 2015 Enza Prestipino 2015-07-08 14:00:00Z 0
Changeover 2015 Les Walsh 2015-05-14 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome to our new website!

Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.

We are all excited to see how ClubRunner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day club activities, as well as communicate more effectively. ClubRunner is an all-in-one membership and communication software package designed for Rotary. More than just an easy-to-use website, it is a complete online package comprised of several modules, all designed to maintain your members' data, facilitate interactive communication, organize events and volunteers, distribute email newsletters and broadcast communications, improve public relations, and help run a club more efficiently.Accessible by all club members through a password protected member area, it allows every member to access key information to communicate much more effectively, as well as share information and collaborate better, as well as automate administrative functions such as attendance tracking and billing. Membership changes to the database are automatically communicated to Rotary International, therefore also saving the Club Secretary from performing double data entry.Online registrations for events and volunteer activities, automatic email services, and an integrated e-Bulletin, among other features, makes it easy to promote your club's activities.

The website features easy to use content management tools, where you don't need to have a technical background to maintain the site, and with the new Website Designer 2.0 interface, you can customize your site to reflect your club's identity and style.

For more information on ClubRunner, visit ClubRunner's Website and discover how to take full advantage of the features of ClubRunner.
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